Oh man

BWHAAHAHAHAHAHhA, i think thats been posted before, but its still god damn funny! :D
Hehe yeah. I can imagine it no, Freeman headbutting things before he gets hold of a crowbar.
ROFLMAO..... yeah, thats been posted before too.... but still its sooooo funny... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: think about how bad HL might have been tho :(
Tell me about it. It wouldn't have been the same if half-life had been Quiver or whatever its original name was. If the original freeman had been the finished guy, it wouldn't have been the same game at all. The "modern" freeman looks so cool. Ive mentioned it before but he does actually look like the guy living with me.
That old gordon pic really reminds you about the quake engine and you can clearly see that Valve yet hadn't modified the engine.
I heard that HL was originally written in the Quake 1 engine :p.... thats why some of the VERY early shots look so bad :p .... I think I've seen an in-game screeny with Gordon like that :eek:
I dont it it was ever done in Quake 1. Being as the Quake 2 engine was already around and established by then.