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May 14, 2003
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I just found some old PC Gamers and was flipping through and 3 of them had articles on TF2.

The first one was from January 1999 - yes, that's right, 1999! The Half-Life Review (got 97%) was in the SAME issue! In the article, they stated that an expected release date would be Feb. 1999! LMAO! I believe that this was the first publication on TF2 announcing the project. I also think (correct me if I am wrong) that TFC came after this because it mentions nothing about it. Maybe... TFC was supposed to be TF2, but Valve started work on HL2 and Source and decided otherwise. Pure speculation on my part.

The second article was in the August 1999 issue. The screenshots there were much improved (the crappy software mode ones from the first weren't there) plus there was an obvious dev boost in terms of features and technological boosts. TF2's appearance was in the featured article 'The Top 10 Games of 2000' so the release date had been obviously pushed back to 2000.

Finally, in the February 2000 issue, there was yet again another article about TF2 (this time included with other Half-Life information) that boasted even MORE 'Mind-blowing new screens and info' which is true.

Still.. with the approach of HL2 coming, we now know what the delay of TF2 has been. Maybe some of these new features were too much for HL and are for the better in HL2. Let's pray that more info and a FINAL release date emerge soon!

(I might create a much longer article on TF2 for websites. If you are a webmaster of a HL2 site, please contact me [email protected] )
Thats funny.....HalfLife was reviewed in PCGamer issue 63 December 1998......not Feburary 1999?????
Voume 6, No. 1 - January 1999 - U.S. Edition. Has South Park on the front.
looks very nice.... althought the 'Brotherhood of Arms' Sub title is a bit lame IMO :p
GOd i cant waite ..Its bad enough haveing to wait for HL2 but TF2 is what .? either going to be packeged with it or out later..? Who the hell knows. Cant be that much longer surley.?
Originally posted by mrBadger
Yeah but still Argyll.... HL was out in 1998 not 1999 :p

Do you not notice the month - January?

You should realize that gaming magazines usually complete the game and have to write the review and then it gets published which is usually not the exact same month that a game gets published as well.