Original mod idea!


May 17, 2003
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I thought of a mod the other day. It would be Farm Mod. You are a simple farmer. An evil farming corporation wants to take over your land and use it for themselves. You have to defend it. The mod wont be set around guns that much, but more around hitting each other with things and running people down with tractors. You get a coach gun, throwing trowels, explosive plant pots, pitchforks, shovels, land rovers, tractors etc etc. There will be three teams. The farmers, the evil farming corporation and the police.
Anyone want to help elaborate?
hahaha! :thumbs: sounds like a fun mod idea. You could make it seem like an old TV show or some movie from the sixties, where the police can't hit the broad side of a barn, the evil farmers use overly-complicated traps and weapons, and the farmers use their very basic but effective farm tools!
Ninjas began as disgruntled farm workers. =P

Disgruntled Farmer evolve to....
Will there be a voice system so you can taunt your enemies with a realistic Somerset Farmers accent while running them down in a Tractor ? Arrrr! G'errof mai land!! And so forth.
Yeah, a voice system would be cool. I cant mod though so if anyone else wants to take the idea further they can. Of course i get internal alpha/beta tests. Im trying to learn mapping at the moment anyway so with any luck i might be able to map for it
sounds cool but make sure you include the standard Dastun paddock basher!
You must have cow catapults and combine harvesters. Choosing your nationality would be good, as to a scotsman a cow is a 'heeghland coo'.