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Recently we've moved from UT2003 to Half-Life 2, and its time to get recognized. I've included our concept gameplay.

Concept Gameplay
Teams and Countries

For first beta, it would be prudent to limit the teams to the Commonwealth versus Germany. However, for future betas, the Commonwealth can be divided into its respective countries (Britain and Canada, for example), which will be used for the appropriate battles. France, Italy, Austria-Hungary and so on can all be added later and maps created to specifically cater to battles in which these countries fought in.

Combat and Injuries

Since trench warfare is historically very slow and arduous, certain steps must be taken to first promote attacking and second, to make sure defending snipers and machinegunners aren’t able to make a trench impenetrable. Ample smoke effects from artillery and grenades give attackers a screen to move in. Artillery shockwave effects can also be put to good use. If a shell lands near a person, it will throw them off balance, obviously spoiling their aim, but also induce temporary “concussion” effects (blurry vision, loss of accuracy, perhaps fuzzy hearing) even if they were not actually injured outright. A battle doctrine of shell-then-attack will become popular and very effective if put to good use.

Locational damage would also add an interesting twist. With a lack of the usual health bars, your soldier will give physical signs of injury. If shot in the arm, his aim will suffer drastically and make melee combat next to impossible (depending on the arm). Leg wounds will make sprinting, running and jumping impossible, reducing him to walking and/or crawling. Anything that would put a solider out of battle commission permanently, whether to kill or simply maim, “kills” the soldier and lets the player respawn. (More information on downed soldiers and their use in the Medical System section).

Melee combat was still very much a part of WW1 combat, especially in trenches, despite firearm advancements. To avoid players circle-strafing and sniping in trenches and other unrealistic tactics, melee combat would have to be quick and effective. Shovels, helmets, knives, bayonets and so on can be used to fight, depending on the class/team/etc, and blows with the blunt weapons will produce similar effects to the artillery “concussion” effect and eventually unconsciousness/death, while being stabbed can disable limbs and cause bleeding. Depending on the aiming system used, a person trying to aim a gun while under attack with a melee weapon will be put at a serious disadvantage. However, under most cases, even when “concussed”, a player can put a melee weapon to good use (far better than a gun), ensuring desirable melee combat.

Jumping would be present in a very limited role. Rather, players can climb over obstacles and out of trenches, but running-jumps can be made to dive into craters, trenches or to avoid incoming shells or enemy fire.

The discussion of iron sights (that is, a player can raise/lower his rifle to aim in lieu of crosshairs) is also in progress.

Supply Line System

There will be a supply system to restock the front with various items, from artillery shells to rifle ammunition, to bandages. However, we will not go into great detail about it´s workings until it has been discussed more and perfected. All we can say is it will be an integral part of your effort to stay alive. Stay tuned for future updates!

Medic System

A medic system can be implemented in such a way it has real impact on gameplay, but doesn’t subtract from the overall realism of the game.

Assuming a “ticket” system will be implemented (meaning each team gets a certain amount of “tickets”, or respawns, at the start of each battle; tickets are lost by dying and possibly objectives, and once the supply runs out, the battle ends and you lose), medics will be used to sustain the number of tickets, ensuring their team is able to hold out longer.

We are getting this straight right away. These medics will not be the all-powerful magical healing class of other games. They will not heal damage, they will stop bleeding and carry back incapacitated comrades to recycle their ticket. Medics will also be unarmed, but in the interest of their self-defence will be given a melee weapon and a penalty if they are killed directly by enemy fire. However, if they are in the process of attacking an enemy, they can be killed with no penalty. They are by no means a combat class. They are there to sustain the war effort. However, while they do not directly kill enemies, they are essential because they keep soldiers alive longer and sustain tickets longer than a team without them. As you may have been wondering, yes, the medics will receive generous points for their efforts.

Engineer/Repair System

Like medics, engineers must use supplies brought to the front line by supply trucks (spare parts in this case) to repair damaged artillery pieces, machinegun emplacements, supply trucks, trench fortifications, telegraph equipment (to maintain communication between the front, arty, supply lines, etc.) and so on. They will also merit the ability to place mines and dynamite, as well as cutting enemy telegraph lines. They maintain the technological backbone as medics maintain the soldier supply backbone

Visit us at OVER THE TOP and see the renders of over 4 weapons!

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Brave and interesting idea.... makes a change from all those WW2 mods.... good luck :)
Thats what we thought :) this hasn't been done yet (much) if at all. So why not :D
/me puts this mod on his mod list to :)

BTW.. nice and clean looking site man.. very nice!
yer sounds cool, just remember that officers only get a sword and a whistle
ow.. it is kinda a shame that you dont have other stuff to shoe then just weapon models.. dont you have some cool playermodels?
Nice models!
I like the Luger very much, as well as the detail on the iron sites on all of them.
Very good models, and a wise decision to get away from Ut2k3.
Roger that aliencowboy. You've got the go-ahead from base. However, per your...indiscretions on the previous choice of Unreal Tournament 2003 as a base, Pres. St. Gabe Newell said to pass a message on:

"Don't worry about it, son, you couldn't have known what we had brewin'. And if you had, we would've needed to kill you."

That is the end of the transmission aliencowboy.
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