OwN wallpaper



i made quickly this wallpaper

i would like to konw what do you think about it :cheers:
Looking very nice and clean man.. the only crit is that i think the emboss on the logo and text is to soft and thick. make it more sharpen and thinner
I agree with EVIL, I don't really like the emboss on the logo or text,

I also don't like the font used on the text, I don't think it goes with the whole HL image, but that's just personaly taste really...
Personnally, I prefered the first one, sorry...
Have to agree, the embossed texture on the border is quite ... dunno. Not great. Plus the "2" has a poorly aliased white outline. Go with the first, and stick with the basic Half-Life font. There was a link to it in the forums somewhere.
Yea, the first one looks better of the two. But make the HL2 logo simpler. :thumbs:
I thank you for your concils, i have modified the first one, you can see the result here

I won't touch it anymore :)
Narko, my firend you have now won a place in my Desktop folder... well done :p