Panthermites and Panthermite Guards


May 18, 2003
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Oke, when I had this critter in my mind, I havent really made any connection with the creatures of HL2. But suddenly it hit me, when I was watching Discovery channel, or national Geographic channel (dont know anymore) Lastnight. I saw some ant stuff on it and they said that Termites and Ants are natural enemy's

So there lies the connection and also some inspiration for the name.

The "antlions" have a commander "Antlion Guard" its that big critter that punshes you through the air in the bug bait movie @ the end.
So now I found a reason for my critters existence. Its going to be the natural concurrent for the "Antlion Guard" called the "Panthermite Guard"

The "panthermites" are going to be the Natural Enemy's for the "Antlions".

So there you have it. I made up a creature that has the Antlion's as an natural enemy.

The "Panthermite Guard" has the abillity to Spit Fire, by 2 organs in the back of it's throat wich makes 2 fluids that combust when it is mixed and ejected into the air.

The "Panthermites" are just going to be some ground troops, just like the "Antlions".

I hope you guys like my idea for this set of critters

you can see the progress off the Panthermite Guard ->here<-
Thnx.. I am drawing all kind of things now for the Panthermites. I am designing the body, now I have some good inspiration. I got an idea for a shield.. The back plates that are going on the body can fold forwards for protection against the powerfull beak of the "Antlion guard". so when you look @ the front of the "panthermite guard" the shield looks like a red flame with 2 poison green eyes. I am going to give him a very cool and agressive pattern. I think I willl scan some stuff in for 2morrow. so stay tuned :D
I am not working aon any mod.. these critters are going to be the replacement of the antlions. sou these will be replacing models
EVIL, if you'r einterested in working on a mod, Cold War: Meltingpoint needs another good modeler or two....

drop me a line at sidewinderx@cw-meltingpoint if you're interested.
I wish I could, but I have to little time on my hands At the moment, so I wont join any mod. I want to improve my skills first by doing some small personal modeling projects (like the panthermites) before I am going to think on joining a mod. and I dont really like realistic mod's. like CS etc
ehrm. Antlions are insects that eat ants(see ) those in halflife have similiar heads as those in real life. So your idea aint that true. BTW I have some antlions living outside my house and they use some pretty cool hunting methods. hope the antlions in the game uses the same methods some time.
Its going to be the natural concurrent for the "Antlion Guard" called the "Panthermite Guard"