Physics in CS2


May 14, 2003
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I doubt I'm gonna buy it if it comes out, but might as well speculate how big of a role physics will play. Will most crates move? Will there be vehicles in some of the official maps (doubt it, but wish). Start speculating. (Sorry if this has been brought up, but time changes and with it new ideas, so maybe someone had another thought).
Well CS is more realistic.. so we cant have fun throwing around dead bodies into people with the manipulator.. >.<
There will probably be the typical moving crates, along with being able to shoot out wood, etc.
it would be fun to throw a grenade and watch it damage the environment.
Maybe someone will make a map with the manipulator, or maybe they will have a feature where you can hold up dead bodie and use em as a shield. Then again, *looks up* There's a pig!
Manipulator... Must go off topic.
I think it's weird that the "blue ray manipulator" and the "hold it tightly then blast it's ass" are different weapons... I pray to god that u can get the blue ray one in single player. Cuz it's the coolest damn thing ever... Wish they'd just make it the alternate fire tho.
They arent different weapons.. correct me if im wrong.. but the one in the demo looks exactly the same
A lot of topics go off topic with the manip. I guess once people use it enough, they either won't care, or it'll be the greatest weapon and that will be all people will want. I hope it's not the second.
I think i'd buy CS2 when and if it comes out..... anyway.....

One thing I hope they'll change is the rediculous thing where no matter how high up you are, if you fall and land in water, you don't get hurt.....

Maybe you could shoot out one side of a crate get in it and manage to flip it over so that the opening is on he the ground. that way you coud walk around inside a crate.

I wonder what new weapons they will put into CS2, I'd like of if they had a weapon system similar to Raven Shield where you customize a weapon with a bunch of extra stuff. Of course, it is CS so you will have to pay to add extra stuff to ur gun.

I'd also like there to be breeching charges and claymores and a bunch of other stuff.......

*sigh* Can't wait.....
Ragdoll physics are a big plus for CS. It would be cool if you threw a grenade and saw people flying in all directions, not just stand there and get hurt. Or a person getting shot on a roof (like in cs_milita?) and actually rolling off the roof and falling to the bottom.

Plus there are many cool things you can add to maps. I.E. a cart full of watermelons in one of the hot-spots. Then watch them go flying when gunfire erupts.
I'd like claymores in DoD, but I couldn't see them in CS. The no respawn would get a lot of people pissed.

Edit: Aha! Deranger, that is exactly the kind of example I was looking for. A shopping cart of watermelons would be so fun.
Hey, I wonder if you go flying into a box/boxes/pile of bricks/etc, if depending how fast you fly into them, the box will break according to where you crashed through it.
I'd like to see helicopters and grappling hooks like real counter-terrorists.
We'll probably see 5-10 mods with helicopters and grappling ropes. Guarenteed. Only one will probably be close to good though, so that will be the one we play.
They arent different weapons.. correct me if im wrong.. but the one in the demo looks exactly the same

Yup, valve themselves said that the blue thing is not an alternate fire, that it's a diff weapon... Don't make me find the quote. I'm much to lazy.
Could my dreams finnaly come true ?, I really want a multiplater game where you are in a heli and get dropped off in the middle of the battle and everythin, BHD has done this but not well :(
Simmo, you can only be dropped in the middle of a battle if it's a ton of NPC's. Because 32 players on a server, you won't see heavy war type action, at most heavy gun fights and big time urban warfare. Not World War type action. But, with NPC's designed to respawn right after they die, and about 40 of them on both teams, yea, I'm sure a mod team could easily pull off your dream simmo.
sry but, BHD???

And in one CS mod, you start in your base, and a helicopter arrives to pick you up. In yer base there are RPGS on some boxes or in crates somewhere in yer base. Someone on yer team grabs one *hopefully* and then when the helicopter takes u to yer 'spawn' u wanna try to get to theirs and blow up their helicopter, then kill everybody who is still on the map, once everybody is dead and they have no copter u win.... that was a damn good mod.
32 players is not enough. I hope they upped multiplay to 64 like in BF1942 or perhaps higher? I hope the latter - maybe they're saving that as a surprise as Valve has stated that they've made tremendous improvements to the HL netcode. Seriously, I'd kill for a 128 player or higher multiplay.
32 is more than enough, especially on close quarters maps such as HL2. Gabe stated anyway, the netcode could be tweaked for 64 players or more depending on what you want, but don't expect a perfectly lagless game all the time. The only need for 64 players is A. A really crazy urban combat map. B. A large city map with cars, NPC's, you know, the works. Oh, and C. A war mod with many vehicles.
Fiddle, I think you mean Global Warfare. It was a counter-terrorist mod though, not a cs mod. Yeah that idea was cool but no one played.
What do u mean it was a counter terrorist mod??? It was a CS mod wasn't it??? I went into cs hit custom games and the activated it to play...

And yeah, it was a shame that original games like global warfare go unnoticed while rehashed bullshit does so well simply because of it's name...

"what's in a name" :)
ooohhhhh. Lolol, cause it sounded a lot like Global Warfare. But wow, what's the name of the cs mod with that. sounds interesting.
oooh i love that idea. get a really camp-y map, then get a chinnok (ok not a chinook, but some paramilitary version. i dont know copters), and fly it anywhere and drop out of it, right behind the t's!! ahahhah so cool.

as long as we can vote kick people who crash the helecopter into their team :p

Planetside has that whole helipcoptery situation...

If u wanna pay a grossly overpriced monthly fee for unstable servers and glitchy gameplay.
I heard somwhere that the amount of people that will be allowed in a server is really only limited by the computer your running the server off of, if you have a VERY high end computer and very fast internet connection then you will probably be able to have quite a few people in a server.
how easy is it to create your own maps in cs? do you have to have a lot of experience
in the physics department, i would definitely like cs2 to treat players as objects, cuz in cs1 if someone stands still you can't push them at all which is frustrating if they ping out at a doorway or something; cs2 should allow you push them :) and also, be able to use some guns as big sticks in case you run out of ammo :)
I doubt you'll be able to push people. The chances of pushign someone off the roof in maps and causing them to die is too much.
Yeah, besides, not being able to push people makes for great tricks. Like when an allied sniper is edging around a corner slowly while looking thru the scope, edge up next to him, that way, when he starts catching bullets and tries to rush back, he dies lol.
Originally posted by Fiddle
What do u mean it was a counter terrorist mod??? It was a CS mod wasn't it??? I went into cs hit custom games and the activated it to play...
That's because CS runs off the exact same UI as Half-Life. It uses the same buttons, same menus, same everything 'cept the splash screen and a couple button names. CS Retail is basically just Half-Life, without the SP portion (I think), and it comes with CS and runs as CS. So the mods are really running off of HL since CS is just a mod.

Yeah... that wasn't a very good explanation, was it?

I think physics in CS2 would be awesome. You could blow down doors with a grenade or tear one apart with a gun. Ragdoll physics with a grenade would be especially entertaining, if you blew up a few enemies, and those dead bodies flew into other enemies and killed them... The possibilities are almost endless, but not quite!

Fiddle, that's a mean trick, I can remember playing in dod_flash as Axis, I would be in that "dark sniping house" right past the 2nd (?) Axis flag. The house you get to right before the entrance to the fields. I would be against the back wall, sniping into that house the Allies use to mow us down a lot, and two MGs would pop up and I'd try to move out after killing one, but I'd die.
I want to see have a security system in a building where someone can say where enemies are, and also have one of those remote controlled cameras that are on little treads, that can go up stairs and are very maneuverable and small.
Originally posted by torso boy
I want to see have a security system in a building where someone can say where enemies are, and also have one of those remote controlled cameras that are on little treads, that can go up stairs and are very maneuverable and small.

Believe it or not, they had this in CS1 (cs_seige) I think. Was kind of fun, but mostly annoying. They weren't movable though. :)
hell yah! that's so cool! I saw this show (on like, discovery), it had a robotic bomb-defuser, and it had a chain-saw and a pump shottie!! I say, I say, that'll be hella good, boiy!!

I can just see those terrorists flying with ragdoll physics after getting blown by a grenade to a box full of watermelons and the watermelons flying all over... *BLISS*
/me throws molotov cocktail into wooden terroist explosives warehouse.

/me stands back and watches the flames accumulate, bringing the place down, followed by enormous explosions and terrorists bodies raining from the sky.

::Counter-Terrorists Win::
ahem. i see. CS:armageddon, or CS:rube goldberg. sounds like fun. :p

Yeah! no more clipping problems in CS2 you die where you die and you fall off stuff...
a great mod idea.... WTC mod... you're in the wtc, and you need to escape before the building collapse..