Pics/captures from videos?


Jul 4, 2003
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Anyone know where i can find some pictures/stills from the big videos (I.E.-600 mb version etc.) I'm on 56k so there is no way i can attempt to download those...

Also i think i read somewhere that there was a video that showed some creature made out of water or something like that? Is this true? And pics if ya got em' please

Thanks guys
I was a human they applied a Water material to "effectively makeing him out of water" as they said in the E3 videos.

They're really good it sucks you can't watch them.
Whoa cool, i wish i could see them, i know i missing out big time... oh well i guess it'll just build the anticipation for when i finally get the game
Speaking of videos, does anyone have that 40-minute interview on gamespot???
ill try and get you some pics of the movie.. inner.. but im not promising anything >.<
That would be cool, i'd really appreciate it, it doesn't have to be a whole bunch of pics, just some highlights from the vids would be cool, but if its too much trouble don't worry about man, thanks though :cheers:
no prob.. I might not be able to do it today thought very busy right now
yea that 40 min interview would be nice :p
What do they talk about in the 40 minute interview? Is it sdk specific, or is it more info about the game itself?
Originally posted by Innervision961
What do they talk about in the 40 minute interview? Is it sdk specific, or is it more info about the game itself?

They talk about the game, but they don't reveal any new info.
Bah I can't find the program to take screens of quicktime movies. sorry man I can't do it unless I find the prog.
Just hit Prt Scr and paste in Paint, dont be lazy!
my Prt Scr key is broke.. I used to smash it alot.. for some reason

ill find a spare keyboard i have laying round here.. be back in a few mins with the pics
Originally posted by jhero
Just hit Prt Scr and paste in Paint, dont be lazy!

Quicktime doesn't like being Print Screened. It always either comes up with a black screen or the image in the quicktime window has moved.
Thats because any video run on Windows systems is a "Video Overlay" and its not actually on the same level as the rest of your desktop, you can't usually print screen them unless the video player you're using has an option to. The 40 minute interview on Gamespot can be downloaded from their website for free and deals mainly with why they decided to do certain things and how they did it in the game, more technical and it doesn't show anything new but its a really nice long interview with Gabe N. and some other memebers of the team.
Its not free.. you have to get Gamespot complete to get it..
Ok.. here ya go.. the pictures.. i have to post um one by one though.. bah
Picture 3(sorry about the triple post) - Water thingy if you can see it
Dude you've just made my day! Thanks a million man! By the way you went from 1- 3? Is there a missing pic? I don't see the water thingy? Ah well still great! I can't believe how realistic the g-man is.... its kinda creepy :eek:

Thanks again man!
Damnit.. forgot the pic.. Pic - 4 textures
Last pic.. manipulator(sorry bout the quadruple post.. munro >.<)
Bah.. i forgot it again.. just erase my last post completly munro >.< pic whatever - manipulator
OMG that is so freakin cool! Now i have an idea of what im missin!
You dont want any more? .. if ya do.. just PM me with specific pics of things.. (strider, guns ect) and ill post it
More pics from Ender the Great

Picture 1(second addition) - Table like you asked
All hail ENDER! :cheers: Dude september 30th seems like it will never come now ;( (god i love valve)
Bah.. sec - underwater kinda fuzzy.. the water was moving when i took the pic..
here you go vision. i made a small video of the part where you'll be able to see the person made of water. it's about 7 megs so it'll take you a while but atleast its not 600 :D