Preordering Half-Life 2



Did you preorder Half-Life 2 yet? If so, how long ago? Personally, I put my preorder in 2 months ago. I want to make SURE they have a copy for me when I get to the store. I'm probably going to camp outside EBGames (No horror stories, the guys here ROCK!) as soon as the mall opens, to get ahead of the rush. (Everyone knows that gamers are afraid to go outside. ;))
Ill probably preorder it in mid september from best buy just so i know that ill have it. Itll be kinda cool though to meet a bunch of other half life players waiting for the doors to open outside.
I'm not pre-ordering HL2 yet because i'm worried that the company might missplace my order etc
best way to get it early is to order the game from the publisher, via mail order. that way, they ship it to you when they ship it to stores, and then the stores hold it for a day and usually you can be playing the game before many others.

I might actuall NOT do that this time though, just so i can know exactly when i'll have the game. I'm planning on taking the day off, and if i'm not EXACTLY sure what day i'm getting it, and i get it before i was planning on taking off, that would be a rough day. I think i'll just pre-order from the local babbages and get it on the 30th.
Super wally world. Open all night. im going at 4:00 AM
Ah, the wonderful world of mass consumerism. Great to see this much loyalty behind a good product and a good company, though. Beat those warez f***ers down.

Call me crazy, but I think I'm gonna try Steam. Well, I'll try out some other stuff after Steam officially launches to make sure I trust it. I want to be playing at 00:01 on Sept 30.
Gosh I hope people aren't going to camp outside stores waiting to get the first copy like they did when the Phantom Manace was released. You've waited 5 years, what difference does a couple of hours make. I'l probably go dowtown october 1st/2nd if I have some time off work.
Ill be preordering mine when my pay cheque clears. Only £24.99 from Game
I'll be pre-ordering the game when the metal box hits the streets.
I'm not gona camp or anything, I'm just going there when the store opens - at 8:30 AM.
I preodered mine back in May, after seeing the huge e3 movie from fileplanet:)
I usually pre-order games I am really excited about. I will likely pre-order this one... Or at least reserve a copy of it at my Local EB.

I wish I knew when Deus Ex Invisible War was coming out. Its my most wanted game this year, and I am not sure if I can pre-order it yet.
Im gonna get HL2 when it reches store now that is for sure... (mearly rimed =)... I mean.. People who downloads Games and thinkes that they are big fans of the game are pathetic... I mean, if you are a big fan, you go to the store and by the game.. i think that Half life is the only game that i have bought in the store =)
i just won a competition so i win a FREE copy of HL2... he just preordered it today :D
wheres the best place to preorder it?