Project: Battle for Earth mod Recruiting Lvl 1


Major Reiser

Progect "Battle for Earth is recruiting a team to get together and start work

We need the following positions at the moment


If anyone is interested in joining the just PM me the application and if possible any form of resume to state your previous work, but dont worry beginner's are still welcome to try.

ALL I ASK FOR is..................

D/L MSN messenger
Be willing and hard working to get the job at hand completed
That you actually stick through with it for as much as possible and dont join only to never actually do a thing.

For Modelers i request three types

Gun modelers: This is basicly for those who have an interest/knack for making good gun models

Map Modelers: For those who like the idea of making the nessesary yet mundane map models such as a Phone etc...

Creature Modeler: For those who feel they can capture the right shape and detail for the creation of life forms both human and alien.

Of course you dont have to like one specific thing or work on one specific thing this is just so people know what i really need.

Looking foward to responses