Quick photoshop DOOM³ model concept doodle


May 18, 2003
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I did this in 5 minutes. It is a quick photoshop sketch. and its very rough. it is a face of a doom3 model that I am going to make after I have finished the HL² Panthermites.

It is going to be a really big guy (unnaturally big) he will be very strong and has deep cutmarks (like he is made out off large pieces ,frankenstein/pinhead style cutmarks). he will be wearing a ripped orange deathrow jail unior thingy.

edit: -_- forgot the image

here it is!

Beats me.. I think DOOM³ is going to be a great game. I totally dig the new style (even if doesnt gives me the old DOOM classic retro feeling anymore).
I heard they will release the DOOM³ demo at quakecon this years. (august) it will keep me amused untill HL² hit's shelves
yeah I heard that too I cant wait, could people be jeleous of doom 3 ?, nah, half life 2 rules :)

I really dont know what people have against doom 3 either :(
I dont think people know what doom3 is about and the story of it.. me i personally dont know either.. alls i know is that your some marine dude with cool guns and ur killing scary monster guys in a awsome spaceship with scareh shadows :D