radeon 9700 and 9700 pro?



im probably going to get the pro but is there much difference, i mean, will i see a significant increase in performance using the pro or is it just better for showing off in benchmarks, also, is there any good online vendor u guys know of to get a sapphire 9700 pro/ or reg, but not the ultimate package (i just want the card, no bundled software), thanks
The difference is clock speeds. A Pro version of a Radeon card has higher core and merory clock frequencies. So it would give better performance, without you having to do any overclocking and messing your card up :)
I sure ATI does the same thing that nVidia did with it's overclockers. They are the exact same product, supposedly a "higher manufacturing standard" to withstand overclocking.

You would get the same hardware if you bought the regular version. Unfortunately, manufacturing variances will make some of the boards sensitive to overclocking so it is a crap shoot just how much you can overclock your particular board. The Pro versions were probably just proven to be sustain overclocking to a certain level.
Would a 9700 pro bottleneck my 2.2? I want one but I'm not sure if I should just settle for 9500. I definitely don't wanna get a new processor...