Radeon 9700 Pro



I got Asus 4x AGP motherboard and i wonder if Radeon 9700 Pro AGP8x will work on my 4X motherboard..thnx in advance

Update: i found out that yes it will work but with degraded performance.

Personal experience anyone ? :dozey:
Sure it will. As long as your mobo has an agp slot and your video card is agp (most likely). Im running on a asus 4x with a geforce4 ti4600 which is agp 8x.
but it doesnt give you all the option.... blah blah yaada yaada
I got that card,and is very very satisfied. Unreal 2 runs extremely well with everything on max...
It will run.

The only hitch: you will only get 4x AGP bandwidth to the system memory, and possibly, maybe, you might have some glitches with an older AGP implementation of fast writes (notoriously tricky with ATi cards).

Since the whole point of stuffing a card like the 9700 Pro with a lot of memory on-board is to avoid blitting to system memory, the bandwidth limitation is a non-issue, really. Even when they do have to go to system memory, latency is the limitation, not bandwidth. Since I haven't seen anything that shows any sustained, real-world benefits to AGP fast writes either, I'd have to say that's pretty much a big "who cares" too.

In short: AGP 8x card in AGP 4x slot = no worries. Theoretically, it might have "degraded performance", but in the real world, the most significant performance limitation will come from the older AGP driver of the mainboard, not from the 8x versus 4x bandwidth capacity. Even then, you'll be very hard pressed to tell the difference.
What boards have 8xAGP slots these days anyway? Just the newest 800mHz Intel ones?