Real-Life ?

May 24, 2003
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This idea isn't exactly for a mod as such its just something ive been thinking about for along time but nothing like HL 2 came along for me to give it deep thought.

The idea I had was a kind of Life simulation, ever see 'The Thirteenth Floor'? Well I was thinking if you could create some kind of real time speech generation i.e. you give the A.I. Its own dictionary and tell it how to use words and then possibly some kind of thought simulator. Combine this with Source's extremely flexible physics engine and the A.I's 'Intelligence' you could create a simulation of a town. You could have NPC's just wandering around doing whatever they felt like. Obviously it would need alto of coding and to make a town would chew up tonnes of memory but i think it would be cool. I'm not sure if ive gotten across exactly what I'm trying to convey but it just seems to me like a really cool idea.
Maybe you should go outside and check out a really good mod called "the real world". For serious. :afro:
yeh and its well hardcore, it goes into the minutest detail, its a work of genius....
Fine if you want to be like that, be like that.

You know I was just suggesting it, to see what would happen. I jsut think it would be cool. Its not like I havent been living a life these past 17 years. I do infact have quite an eventful life and its one i dont wish to talk about with you. You know you have been playing games too so your likely just as 'worse off' as me. Besides its not like i would try to 'integrate' myself into the game. It would be a nice experiment to see how things would turn out. But you guys are too obsessed with keeping your egos above the rest to notice.
It was just a joke, no need to get all defensive. Truth is, if you're reading this, you're not "normal" in the accepted terms.


Drak out
Real Life may be detailed but this real life mods not a bad idea (think of it as life without consequences and a reset button, you could explore the world without leaving your chair and go on killing sprees with out hurting ppl) althogh may be unhealthy but not a stupid idea. I had more to say but forgot for the time being.
lol, "Matrix" would obviously be interested in this

Arrrrrrrghh, everyone knows you cnt define normal, because nothing is normal.......
thats why you can't define abnormal

And that's why they let me out of the hospital...well i say let, but they shouldn't of left the window open!