Recruiting A Map Team For HL2


Jul 2, 2003
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Not to go over board or anything but we all know that the program for making maps for HL2 is not out yet and I do have some kind of experience for mapping but its not the greatest.So here is my question......I am looking to Recruit people that have alot of experience with mapping and when Half Life 2 comes out I am going to be studying the game like a dictionary and I want to be a mapper when the program comes out.And to get tutorials on it and learn it inside and out.So if you would like to join please pm me or email me at [email protected] and ill see ya all there!!!!!!.
or just for your private amusement....
I am not like that and I will be helping out with the maps......
sure i ve built basic stuff with hammer, im sure the new version wont be too different, but ill join...
Hey gman welcome to the forums thanks for joining and give me a email so we could work something out......
That we are going to make maps for Half-Life 2 that are really fun to play and very addictive and we will try our best.
ill join your team, although i do have aspirations of doing a mod of some type, or working with a modteam, i need to refine my mapping skills.