Robin Hood


May 14, 2003
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What about a Robin Hood mod? With bows and arrows and swords and stuff.....could be done (i mite dabble with it for a small starter project)
What if you took away the Robin Hood part and were simply a ranger in the woods? Like a ranger in Lord of the Rings with small quests involving "your" forest and larger quests involving a storyline. It's an interesting idea, especially if you implement tracking, hiding, archery into it with the forest for environment and mood.
There's nothing homoerotic in any way about buff young men wearing tights and codpieces.
Robin Hood rocks. Especially the 1938 Errol Flynn version. If you make the mod, you should base the look on that film. Totally old skool Technicolor. It was a pretty early colour film, and all the reds and greens just pop right out. It's being released on DVD... on Sept 30! (holy crap!)

* kanuk falls out of his chair
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You are rigt, you are entitled to your opinion. But comments like that are purely unecessary and discouraging. It has absolutly no positive or nuetral effect so what would poses you to say that in the first place. Its like me coming to your mod site and telling you your mod looks like crap and i want you to stop working on it now. Keep it clean.
I say go for it. I think it would be an interesting SP game. I like Infinity's idea though of more a Ranger in general rather than robin.........well maybe if you're talking about the Prince of Thieves movie.

One thing I can say is that it is way more original than almost all the other mod ideas I've been seeing.
So, submerge made a post about robin hood being gay, so Infinyte4D replies saying that saying that makes you gay...

Now submerge edited his post to read 'God Bless America' (it's the 4th of July here), but the reply was still the same:

god bless america
Submerg making a post like that automatically makes you gay

Just thought that was funny....
That's pretty funny... But how about a Robin Hood: Men in Tights mod? where you have to renact every scene. :)