ROFL!! you gotta read this


May 17, 2003
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Got my eyes are watering so much d00d's!! its so god dam funny...only read if you are bored and have some free time.

ROFL, I really have too much time on my hands don't I,
that is just a classic, The Question Is How Did You Find It?!?
they've been doing the rounds for a while now :O
ROFL that is so funny, i've seen the last one before, but the rest were all new!

Well funny :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
ahha thats some good shit..just my kind of humour :D
bloodninja: I turn you around to lick your asshole.
bloodninja: I pry apart that battleship you call your ass.
bloodninja: I see poo nuggets hanging from the hair around your ass.
sweet17: WTF?!?!?

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH i cant breathe!!
oh god i choked too, my god simmo, u ARE the funny d00d on these forusm.......rolfmao
god damn thats so funny!

/me haves difficulty breathing
on ground
gasping for air
eyes watering
spleen rupture imminent
still can't breathe
cat looks at me weird, leaves room
Just to talk to him, not do anything. Hes a pretty funny guy unless he was acctually being serious.