Second Renaissance Mod...the Matrix without the Matrix



Hi there fella's.

Im currently trying to get some people for a mod-idea:
The Second Renaissance as seen in the Animatrix video's.

This is not only a twist (the Matrix itself is quite popular, the story BEFORE it is not), but also a chance to get creative: Not much is known about the Second Renaissance.

What would be cooler that see the camera-man that shot the footage of the SR? (or one of them if it are multiple)
Its always cool adding stuff seen before/in a movie. Like, wasnt it fun to see Gordon Freeman passing you in Bleushift when you where playing Barney stuck outside the Security Compound?
You saw that very same Barney in the original.

These things dont just make gaming fun... it makes modding fun aswell.

Now, i havent started much yet. iI have been working on a few weapons, but those arent finished yet. The Animatrix movies dont really show much detail, and what is seen looks weird.

So, no website, conept art or finished models. I just want to know if people are interrested in the idea? Be creative with both the mod ánd the story? Ive got this so far:

You play Andrew Larrance, a 27 years old Marine who gets introduced in the war between Men and Machine in the very same military base seen in Second Renaissance Part II. Everything looks quiet when you arrive, but things are about to heat up as the Machines send scouts to the base in order to find its weaknesses. You are send out with a squad of marines to find out when the machines are going to launch there assault on the stronghold....

Something like that.

If you think you can help me a succesfull mod, please mail to

Questions can be asked here.

(btw, i dont know C++, but i can moddel and i think most work can be done through the SDK)
Watch yourself with copyright infringement. Usually I'm not the type of person to mention these things as I support all mods, but when it comes to the Matrix property, I must say something. They [Warner Bros] are on that property like flies on shit and if they see a team making a game based on the Matrix, they fear it will generate money and steal from games like the Enter The Matrix and the upcoming The Matrix Online.

I suggest you get permission first and save yourself the trouble later.
I know that. But im not going to start making trouble when its useless... I plan on getting interrested people, talk with eachothers visions, and THAN have a chat with WB.

Im not trying to get money out of this -noway!
Originally posted by Kwartjuh
and THAN have a chat with WB.

Don't think that with a chat your problem is solved :dozey:
Well... i'll see. Lucasarts for instance used to be quite anti-modding. Now theve allowed the Troopers team to go ahead... that atleast shows that mirracles still happen :cheese:
Well, its official now... ive got myself a mini-team to start with...
Let me in on some extra details:


E.M.P. Is going to be the name of the mod, and it tells the Story of Andrew Larrence, a 27 years old marine who is send to a military base called Outpost 8. Nothing has been heared from the base for 3 days, and Larrence is send to get some intel on the situation.

But not long before his arrival, his chopper gets attacked by the Machines, and the transport chopper crases in the desert.
Now, its up to the basic instict: Survival. You will go into Outpost 8, find out what happened there. But most importantly: why!

We háve a website under construction at the moment, and a forum wich is sponsored by the dutch HL2 community. Drop by any time you like and ask anything you like :)

I can also give you some intel about the weapons :

H&K P11 9MM Pistol - Standart Issue sidearm. This gun is you back-up weapon. It is highly accurate, and packs quite a punch. The weapon comes with a Lasersight attachement and 9MM bullets as Ammo

M103 MK. 1 Anti-material Sniper Rifle - This baby is the best of the latest technology. A highly accurate rifle for picking of even the toughest of enemies from large distances. It fires armor-piercing HE rounds and comes with a sniper-scope. *Note* This weapon is a prototype found in Outpost 8.

E.M.P. Grenade- E.M.P. Weapons were never used much until the uprising of the Machines. Now they are the most common used grenade on the battlefield. The Grenade consist of 2 sections. When the upper end is turned left, and the lower end turned right, the E.M.P. Grenade wil charge itself with a powerfull Electro Magnetic Pulse blast, only to detonate on either Impact or after a 6 seconds delay. Although the blast radious isn't to big, the E.M.P. Grenade is a formidable weapon against close-packed Machines.

A small note: The things written above áre subject to change, altough it should give you a good idea of the story.

Another small note: This is not about the Matrix itself! This is the period before the contruction of the Matrix :)

If you are interrested. please mail [email protected]

Thank you
I'm not trying to knock your mod idea but I thought that the second Renaissance was crap. The whole way it was portrayed was annoying. But before i start a rant I'm gonna move on.

As a mod it will probably be really cool.
I must agree with one thing: There was indeed some very weird stuff inthere... but, hey its Japanese... they are very 'weird' people (No Offence!!). They way the Second Renaissance was portayed was strange... but i liked it!

And, indeed i agree that is a great base for a mod :)
I'm sorry to say this but...

Even if you do manage to avoid the pitfalls that most other mods get caught by, you're still never going to make it to release. I actually considered doing this exact concept for a mod... but then I saw what WB's policy was on other people making Matrix games. Suffice it to say that if you aren't Enter the Matrix or The Matrix Online, you don't get to make games based on the Matrix franchise.

They won't notice or care about your mod until you've managed to get past all those normal "mod pitfalls"... which means you are going to be in your "groove" and it will REALLY suck when they shut you down.

My advise: Don't make a mod based on the Matrix. WB will never allow it.
I liked the 2nd Renaissance, but then I'm a big anime fan.

Also, I can't believe that they'd crucify you for just making a game in tribute to thier stuff, its not like your trying to make money, its just fan fiction really.

F**K them in their pastey, white, bloated asses.

Indeed, i hope you are right... a little update:

The story is progresssing well as like the models.. i will display some of those when the site is ready, wich is also worked upon... the current forum is Dutch (its hosted by

Thats also gonna change soon... ive been very bust with school lately, but thats almost over...

I hope people áre taking this seriously, cause it is :) I cant show you anything cause it aint done yet...

And, again: if anyone wants to join, please mail me @ [email protected] and tell me what you can do! :borg:
Right! Ive got a team now, and everybody is serious. Mappers, modellers, 2d artists! We have it now! Expect a site to be announced soon!
Ive heared of that... If im not mistaking, theres is going to be MP, while E.M.P. Is SP...
The SR movie is brilliant, especially the insectoid machines that are towering over the marines. so have them. Oh, and there was another weapon:the assault rifle thing (M219 Pulse Carbine?), the three-pronged thing, that most marines were using. And background effects, how about mushroom clouds on the horizon? And you fight alongside those feline mech things. And those hovertanks that you see before the Dark storm op while people are praying. And....
Dont worry, what you discribed there is planned... The weapon you discribed: We are not sure if we put it in... current candiate for the standart assault rifle is a modified FAMAS.

But where did you get that weapon name? Is there some resource or discription for the weapons used in the animatrix?
Nah, I just made the name up (I used to make up fictional guns for freind's mods). But the weapon is there. Watch it and all the marines have it. It's quite long, has three prongs-hard to describe. It sounds like an M-16, most of the marines are firing up at the 'hive' machines in bursts. It is a bullet weapon but it could use a plasma pulse to detonate the round or something, like the rifles in Aliens (God I love that film). So watch the film, look out for that gun, play it in slo-mo or something. :)
Wow, dude :) We've been going trough EVERY frame of the SR! for one:

1) Did you know that the spikes on the barrel-end of those m-16's are pretty much the bajonet-version of the riot pod i discriped? During SR1 you see a 'guard' machine holding it while watching those workers.

2) There are actually attack-buggies in SR Part II2, wich will be implemented in our mod?

3) The FAMAS is indeed in the movies also?
Thanks. What riot pod? Where is it described? If it's on your site I can't get to it. doesn't seem to work.
Cool! buggies! Where they then?
Is there a FAMAS? i just don't know.

As for this 'riot pod' could you describe it for me?
Copy and paste the ENTIRE link into your browser... Theforumisdown can be a real pain in the *ss :)

(rightclick on the link, properties and then select the link thats displayed there... the one you see here is shortened...)
Oh. don't you mean riot prod? But it's not that.
I tell you what. Post a picture of your modified FAMAS that your using and I might recognise it.
I'm not very happy to announce the delay in the launch of the site.
Im going on a holiday for the comming 2 weeks, and i wanted to keep a close eye on the launch of our (outstandin) site.

Since our webdesigner and webspace manager couldnt get it done before my holidays, i decided to delay the launch for 2 weeks. ;(

That also means you won't hear anything from us for the comming 2 weeks. But, for the interrested people: Dont worry, ill com with an update after my holidays.

Enjoy yur holidays all :cool:
Our site and forum have finally gone live! please check

(please forgive some of the spelling errors, it will be the first thing changed tomorrow)

our forum is located on another server for specific reasons.
you can find it at
(the site also has a link to it offcourse)
Also, the current link to the site is going to change later.

happy posting :)
good idea but would be very hard to keep the teams balanced because lets face it the machines are prity dam dominating.
Its a single player mod... no teams :)
You will be faced with the older types machines at first. Until all hell breakes lose and the Machines show of there new technologies...