Secret Santa Sign-Ups and Wishlists

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Aug 27, 2004
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It's that time again, everyone. Christmas is just around the corner!

ríomhaire is, erhm, "tied up" this year...

"Help me!"

Quiet, ríomhaire! Or I'm putting the sock back in.

Where was I... Oh, yes, so I'll be organizing the sixth-annual ValveTime Secret Santa event! The rules are the same as last year, but only with one new, teeny tiny caveat... You have to have at least 100 posts in our forums to participate. Sorry, but that's just how it's going this year.

Here is a detailed breakdown of the rules and guidelines, carefully crafted by the VT General Assembly :



Rules for sign up:
  1. Must have at least 35 forums posts on the forums.
  2. By posting in this thread you are agreeing to take part in the Secret Santa, meaning you must buy a gift for the person whose name you are given and in turn you will also receive a gift from a different anonymous member.
  3. In this thread post only a link to your Steam wishlist and any comments you may have for your Secret Santa about it. Any other comments go in the discussion thread. Here is an example of a wishlist link:

Sign-ups deadline is this Friday, December 19!


Once sign up is closed I will randomly assign everyone a Secret Santa and send out PMs informing you who you are buying for. Make sure to check out their wishlist below.

The deadline for having your gifts sent in is the day after the Steam Christmas sale ends, which is usually around January 2nd. Once I have all the games I will try to get them all sent out to their new owners as quickly as I can. If you're planning on buying something in the sale make sure to remove it from your wishlist so that your Secret Santa doesn't end up buying it for you as well!

Once again this thread is for sign ups only. If you have any questions or want to point out spelling mistakes please take them to the discussion thread!

And remember signing up is a promise of a gift to another member. If you fail to take part that means someone is missing out on their present after having spent their own money for someone else. It goes without saying that if we do not receive your gift we will not be sending you on the one that was bought for you.



Buying your gift

You must spend $10 minimum on your gift but you can be as generous as you like. As this is Valve Time all gifts are going to be done through Steam. Note the $10 is taking into account any sale prices during the Christmas sale so if you have a particular game in mind for your giftee WAIT AND SEE IF IT SHOWS UP IN A DAILY DEAL. You don't have to buy games that are on someone's wishlist. Just do your best to make sure it's something you'd think they want and something they don't already have.

You must not tell the person whose name you have been given that you are their Secret Santa. It's supposed to be a secret. In general telling anyone who you're buying gifts for is discouraged but not forbidden. You also might want to set your Steam gift inventory to private to make sure people don't snoop through your gifts.

Now the buying guide: READ THIS
  1. When you have everything added
  2. Step one is very simple: Find the game(s) you want to buy as your gift and add them to your cart.
  3. to your cart proceed to the checkout and select PURCHASE AS A GIFT.
  4. Next you must choose your delivery method. Send it as an email to [email protected] . Make sure you spell this correctly!
  5. Next is adding in a custom gift note and finally payment. You should be able to handle that yourself.

Also as a final note if you know someone who you think might want to take part but doesn't check the forums much any more please send them a message asking them to come in and check it out because sign-up is only going to last a couple of days.
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Please DO NOT send me gifts yet. Gift purchases should not be made until after the sign-ups deadline of December 19. I have to assign you all to your giftees before you can purchase any gifts, and I won't be doing that until this weekend. You will have from December 19th to January 2nd to purchase your gifts. If you still have questions, post in the Secret Santa discussion thread:
I know all games in my list are very expensive, you dont have to choose one of those :)

Games I´ll DEFINITLY buy for myself: Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes, This War of Mine, Valkyrie Chronicles

*cough* Assetto Corsa *cough*
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Well, never mind, i can't gift people from outside SA. good job valve.
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