SIG 551 WIP for CWMP


May 15, 2003
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work in progress by Hiro.



Why don't you just make a Cold War: Melting Point models thread and post it all in there?
Wow.. looking great.. but why are you making them so low res. HL2 can support way higher reso models.. remember. its a design issue not a techical limitation - said by gabe himself
i dont think any of us are used to the highpoly.. Ive been modeling a colt 1911 the past few hours and im pouring lots of details in it yet its still lo poly.. compared to what hl2 can handle 3-5k wep models
when you modellers get used to the hi-polys then all the gamers will be treated to Valve style models :)..... I think stone has hit the maximum before.... but it was on a playermodel so I don't know
Hey, it's not my fault I like putting in stupid little details in :p
yeah, i'm used to modeling for BF1942 which had a max poly of 1200 so to come anywhere near that is amazing. The thought of going to 3k polys actually scares the bejesus out of me. this particular model is about 1050 polygons. how the hell am i going to add 2000 more polygons. i know he said it's a design issue and all but for those of us not fortunate enough to have direct access to the weapon it's pretty hard finding good high RES detailed reference pics. (though i'm compiling them and making contacts with people who can get access to the guns with a digital camera to take pics. when i get a good collection together i'll create a modeler's rescource site.)
But if you dont NEED to add extra pollys then dont do it just to up the count.

If you can save 500 or a thousand polys someplace where they wont even be noticed that leaves you with more room to add detail somewhere else in the game, like on some players face details or rounder wheels on a car, or whatever.

Nice models BTW.
Well, most of Hiro's model's are WIP and they still need detail. they are around 1K-1500 polys now. Ran's models (the SAW, the SVD, and the FN2000 (opps let that one slip, look for it in a little bit ;) ) are higher detail.