So what do you think now?


May 19, 2003
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So gabe announces that there wont be a co-op mode for the multiplayer side for HL2...he says they are going to have some big suprises for the multiplayer part and if we all figure that some vehicles will be in the game, also including CTF, DM, and maybe like a few other modes, well big deal we all expect that. Now i mean that is still going to kick major ass but think about it, a few suprises might be coming after HL2 for multiplayer but TF2 has got to be included no doubt.
i really actually want the multiplayer to be like the hl1 multiplayer(not the same but have the same characters transfer over from the game itself)

I doubt its gonna be tf2..that will be a steam product most likley.

Im starting to think that this HL2 multiplayer will be something we have never seen before, a whole new way of multiplayer possibly?

I think that TF2 will be released just as CS1 is right now. Available in the special edition pack, or bought by-itself with its own box. I'm not sure about downloading it tho ;) Perhaps if it is offered as a download, have that only include the multiplayer component, and those who want singleplayer TF2 buy the game.