Softimage XSI - help...please?


Jun 3, 2003
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Let's get this out in the open at the start-

I'm a mod-newbie. Modelling, coding, I am useless at everything except concept-design and some very basic half-life level design (I can make a box-room...and that's not even a surety...).

I planned to change this and downloaded the Softimage XSI 3d modellng software in anticipation of Half-Life 2. After downloading and installing, I was greeted with...
It had four windows, each with a different view, kinda like Valve Hammer. Everything else was radically different.
To make a long story short, I need some help with XSI. Advice, sites (though I've looked - most are outdated), relations, anything that might boost my understanding of this alien software.

Softimage also has a bunch of tutorials up on their site but you have to login to view them.

If you have any other questions just post them here. I also downloaded the software a few days ago and am now getting the hang of it so if I can help you I will. =)
When I started learning this, everytime I launched the prog, it kept greeting me with "Default scen could not be found"!!, WTF!!, so i uninstallled
I am also an XSI n00bie - all i can use is the pre-set shapes. This is because i cant find a tool in it that lets me place indivdual meeeeeeee
make ur shape then goto modify/poly.mesh/add vertex tool

btw i think u mean vertexs ;) goodluck hope that helped
draklyne go here: gogogo! they have some very nice video tutorials, for most gfx apps, including XSI, and they are free :)
helped me a lot... ;)
Whoa! No newb-flames!
Anyways, thanks guys, I really appreciate the responses.
I used to model poly by poly in milkshape. but since I used max I dont do that anymore. only box modeling
Yep, I remember starting like that, used to take me days to model symple things, now it takes me just a few minutes to do the same task...hmm experience...

And 3Dbuzz has some really good video Tutorials...

Espc the Unreal Tournment 2003 ones...
Do you have to pay for softimage|xsi?

When I go to, I make an account... then I go to the download page and I have to fill in a Softimage Customer ?

Plz help me....