Someone might like it........

did'nt think much of this when i first saw it
but its a class wallpaper the light on the wall wif the dead guy on is well nice
and the blood hl2 icon ownage pld m8
this is my wallpaper :)
lol the more i look at it, the more it grows on me. i'll try it as my desktop for a few days
hmm, I'm geussing you've used parts from screen shots, and a filter to do that...

as the body, is from the hydra shot...

hmmm, don't particually, like that filter, but very creative :p
yeah I was wondering how much of that you did yourself....

it looks..erh...ok

I'm no sure it makes much sense he stuck on the wall? or is he lying on that small ledge(he would fall of if it was real) also although I like the blood logo(actually though of something similar myself) the angel seems wrong compared to the angle on the wall...

also there seems to be a lack of consistency between the two "counter-terrorists" and the rest of the pic.
lol i know, just a bit of poo i put together

i'll explain it:

2 swat team members find a body in the subway and their lights light it up and see the HL2 logo

they look different cos i put a bit of a gaussian blur on them

and the guy is stuck on the ledge by superglue :) ;)
the last 2 are the best.. in the first 3 the guys in the front look to much pasted. they are lighter without shading. so they look like cardboard cutout's
I perosnally like sharp wallpapers better.... the dull ones are weird to me..

dam* it feels goot to be back in the forums....