Sound Card lag?



Do sound cards cause lag? Because i heard they did but i dont really see how they can. My sound card just came with the computer i wasnt going to upgrade it for hl2 unless it really matters. Also I have to buy a new graphics card for it but i dont have much money im not planning on buying one until probably a week after the release. Ill probably have about 200 so if yall have any ideas please tell me. I just want to be able to play it in hopefully medium setting. Thanks.
Sound cards don't neccisarily cause lag, unless you have your sound options cranked to the max and your sound card simply can't perform such tasks. Keep it on a medium level, you'll be fine. But if you want to feel like your really there, and hear every little detail, get a Santa Cruz or an Audigy 2.
Yeah, an Audigy 2 card works really well. I have one right now and it is a really nice sounding card and I havnt had any problems with it so far. They are a little expensive but I think it is worth it if you really want good sound.
I have on board sound, I rock! :LOL:, so whats different to on board sound ?, much clearer ?, better quality ?
You answered your own question simmo. :)
Yup, because I just rock, why arnt animated gifs workin for me ?, the laugh smiley is laughing :(
if you use EAX and such your cpu usage will go up, which could/probably will reduce performance in your game, but you trade off some FPS for some immersion, especially if you have 4.1, 5.1, 6.1+ speakers.