Stop complaining.

May 24, 2003
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I wish people would stop moaning about the problems they've seen in the HL2 video's. Partly because they are exaggerating many issues and spoiling the game, but also they demos are from over a year before the game is even set to release. I mean come on what do you expect, if everything was perfect then when would its release date be September 30?
Seriously people do need to stop looking for and exagerating EVERY little flaw that they have seen in the videos.
A mostly-bug-free game SHOULD be expected by all. But complaining about the clipping problem being a 'bug' is wrong. Lack of a feature is not a bug.
its one of the main things that we can talk about and act like we know something about from hl2... let them have their fun and illusionary inteligence. it also helps us see the amazing things in the game as well, think of it as critical thinking that the hl2 dev's dont see. anywho it is the right of people who belong to this forum to post as they see fit, according to the forum the post is in of course, so unless your the owner(which your not) i dont think u should be tellin people how to act. This is just a suggestion because im not a hypocrate.:dozey:
I'm not telling people how to act, I'm just saying that it gets annoying when everyone starts saying, 'Oh look HL2 is gonna suck because it doesn't clip properly' (That is an exaggeration yes). All the demos are old so there is not point complaining about mistakes in them such as the shadows when in all likely hood they are gonna be fixed by release, if not fixed already.
As long as the good outnumbers the bad I think we'll all be happy... and judging by that video, I am definitely happy. But to bitch about such stupid things when you have this AMAZING game coming, there really is something wrong with you.