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May 17, 2003
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I have thought.. ( Yes i can think .. :b )

What if the videos, the screenshots, the interviews, the emails and everything has told us something that we don't see.

Maybe there's something in that media that we don't see and if we can find it, we don't need to send stupid questions to valve.

I would like you to post your " thoughts " about the media we've seen latley, and post it in this thread.

Like I saw (as many others) the building version and so one..
I know there is something hiding behind the media we have and we need to figure it out to move on to the next stage.

We knew that Gordon don't remember anything after the conversation with G-Man ...:eek:
I think me and a few good photoshoppers should analyze and decipher all the words that appear at the end of the 22 min video, just before gman says just like old times. whos in?
We have already cleared some of them out. But i shall work with it now :)

I'll post a picture when im done.. :p
I think you need to stay off the wacky baccy mate.

But anyway, whats all the shite at the end of the long video, like something from a 70's sci-fi TV show. Just before Gman comes back in. Maybe thats a clue.

EDIT: Once again too slow with the reply.
I remade the colors so it will be easier for you too read.


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You mean the vid with the music? That's actually a fan created video, and all those effects are things that they put in (I think).
Nope Gabe stated that it was.. true.. i read it somewhere i nthe forum.
30ml sample sustained....cant figure out rest yet, 2nd top line
Evidence of seizure and muscular catatonia ieceltitration(i? u?)

of 30 mil sample sustained, abrdacetitration aclililramon of migration

30 mil sample. sustained cure (d?) of du(c?)lly.

Freeman Gordon increased activity inyenamstrual

No response, subject to availability, and danger.

Unknown vector at this time, requirements of it. Beyond current threshold for amgycalc support

Lifted from[email protected]@.efda917

Obviously a lot there is guess work, but there's talk of cures and increased activity.

I also changed their 'catatora' to what I thiank it said - catatonia - which is a Welsh band ... It's also a medical condition in which the sufferer can go into a coma like state.

A good explanation to the "know's nothing of the last 15yrs" methinks.

"titration of 30ml Sample sustained _______ activity"
I almost fell off the chair when I read Gabe's comment about the text at the end of the video. Could Valve be trying to tell us somethign about HL2 in it?
I almost fell off the chair when I read Gabe's comment about the text at the end of the video. Could Valve be trying to tell us somethign about HL2 in it?

What did he acctualy say .? m8 i cant remember.
If someone could take a pic of every frame from when the text starts coming in, I can decode it all.
Note: Requirements is all i could get out og that sentence, beyond current threshold is part of another sentence. it should say THRESHHOLD
ok this is what we've got so far

"Evidence of seizure and muscular contractions/???

... ?-ration of 30ml sample sustained....

...Gordon freeman....(no) increase(d) activity/? of/in Neural....

no response subject to analyzing/?...

unknown vector/year/reaction at/of this time...recurrents/requirements of....

...beyond support"
lets pick up where prince left off, we need all the frame digitally enhanced like lone deranger did
Guinny have you got me ignored or something, it says TITration of 30 ml sample

Titrations are used to analyse chemicals substances
My guess is that that's something you'll hear from the HEV suit at the very start of the game.
Yep and like I said earlier, it's muscular catatonia (not contractions)

Catatonia is a medical condition that can result in a coma like state

I think that text says alot.. So from that text we can figure out that Freeman ( maybe ) has been in coma..

And that the musceluar.. ??? is something.. erm.. what am I talking about? :D
evidence of seizure and muscular catatonia reco??

titration of 30 ml sample sustained alpha active

Freeman, Gordon. Increased activity in ????

no responce. Subject to availabiliy and urgency

(Half-life symbol) unknown vector at this time. Requirements of

beyond current threshold for amgydale suppression"

Titration - A method of working out the concentration of a substance in a solution by adding a chemical that will react with the substance by changing colour etc

Amgydale could be the incorrect spelling of Amygdala - As far as I know, the Amygdala is a small part of the brain that reacts to positive or negative events, and allows you to rationalize memories as an emotion (Good/Bad experiences).
whatever this is, its eerie, creepy, and damned interesting. we HAVE to figure out the rest
Yep as i said i think we knpw much more about the game, but we don't know it :D
Thanks, but most of my search came from an older thread, with other individuals such as prince to credit.
Some more things to note on:


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Wait!...Simon, that pic, guys look close. In the reflection of his glasses theres something there...text or something...
Dunno, theres something there that isn't his face. It's white with 2 symbol looking things on the sides.