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I've just opened up my new site, - SV Gaming. We're working on a new layout, but we've got a few downloads; 7 wallpapers and the huge 500MB HL2 Movie for those who haven't seen it yet.

Go check us out and register at the forums (link on the left nav bar)
Guys can you upload Gamespot interview with dev. there?
Reak would you like it? Ill send it over aim or through msn to ya if you want, im on T1.
Ok well im downloading it right now and its going to be 30 more minutes, its half a gig and im going at 207kb/sec. It should be done alittle before 11pm central. Ill then message you and send it...then im off to bed...i got school and finals... :(

exact file from

and it has now slowed down to 165kb/sec so it will be alittle after 11 sorry did you want to know the filename so you could find it elsewhere or think i was alittle dumb and make sure i was getting ready to send the right one?
nah, just checking Kazaa, cuz I am leaving at 9 pm :\
alright well ill send it tomorrow night then, ill be on the forums for alittle but im not sure what times because i have to study for finals...peace
why would you try to gt such a file via kazaa when it is availble from download centers?

I mean, kazaa users typically are home users and often have cable/dsl upload limits much lower than they could download. My halflife stuff is in my download folder and did get shared out to kazaa. I have six people trying to get a 600Mb file from me at rates from 1k to 6.5K--basically at the speed of a 56K modem. It will take them 20+ hours. I downloaded all the movies from a variety of sources and aside from waiting in queue at fileplanet for 40 minutes the download portion was done in 45 minutes tops for the hugest files.

If your a modem user I can understand the kazaa choice, but newsgroups do huge files better. I got my first HL 520Mb QT from a newsgroup.
Yeah, I find that KaZaa downloads much slower than I could get off of IE... :)

Oh well, almost 80 downloads of the huge movie. :) Nice for my bandwidth.
can u add the interview to your site downloads page?
Okay RoyalEF, do you know any website where I can dowload Hl2 interview (not Gamespot).
I'll add it the minute I get it....or maybe the minute I'm done watching it.

I checked out FP but wasn't able to find it. :x
Simmo2k3 can i get that interview thingy from u?

You'll probably get better download times when it's on my web server....:p

I'll put it up once I get it. Simmo2k3, I've added you to my buddy list.
Who are interviewing who? I wanna know everything i can so if its about HL2 then I must have it!

I have also added you simmo...

Kind of, not technically yet, but I decided to throw the link up there....

Talk to EnJoY over at Gamers Syndricate, he invited me into the 'network'.