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Jul 2, 2003
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I just got a question about the sys. req. do you really think that you can play the game on a 700mhz with a Dx6 based videocard? I think that it would be very difficult to get something out of the game at those computers. Im even nervous that it should'nt be playable at my computer. (Hope u understand my english, though it sux ;)
maybe.. im very confident in valve.. but if they manage to pull it off.. it will be at the lowest res with no graphical enhancements whatsoever..
Well, VALVe has not yet released the final sys. requirements so it is hard to say. List your sys. specs and we'll try to help.
XP 1800+ with 512ddram. Gforce FX 5600 256mb. feels like it qould be some problems, im not expecting to be able to run at highest res. but i hope that i shouldnt need to play at lowest either...
WOW, that is a fine enough system, dont worry man!
FX 5600, slower than a TI4600. but has DX9 features. Meh. You should be fine.
oh.. your computer will run fine.. no max res+graph enhance(AA ect) then you will be fine.. i would suggest running at 800x600 or 1024x768 you wont have any problems.. or.. atleast i doubt it
azmodan... you do realize you have a fairly high-end machine, right?

Of course it'll run Half-Life 2.
thanx =)
the bigget thing that worried me most, is the graph. card. i've heard allot about the fx5600 series, that there should be some problems with whtem, thata they are kinda slow and stuff. but u dont think that there should any problems?
Its a fine good card, cuz it's dx 9 - BE HAPPY!
Nah, you will run it just fine. Your not gonna be getting like 100 fps on a high res with all goodies turned up. You should be able to run it on High settings. Just not very high.
ok, i hope so =)

cuz, its very annoying is a game works properly and *bang* theres this so *grrr* laggy shit =)
And be thankful that "the ender" replyed with something nice.. cough
Well, HL2 has dynamic LOD system so dont worry, lag will be minimal.
jhero: ok!

*feeling good right now*

what systems do u guys have then?
P4 1.8, GF4 TI4600, 512 RAM (bout to get annother stick of 512 today)
p4 2.53, ATi Radeon 9700, 768 ddr ram, audigy 2
meh... not to fill my ego balloon.. but P4 3.2 gigz.. 2 gb DDR 400 ram.. 120 gb hard drive.. radeon 9800 pro/geforce FX 5900.. depends on what people find out is better between now and HL2..

edit: oh yeah.. sound card is audigy 2 plat
Um, nope, Student.

Wow, Ender, did u porpusely put the best Hardware to fool us? :rolleyes:
Very very Nice Ender. I say use the 9800pro. I seen a lot of benchmarks and it owns the 5900 ULTRA to say the least.
jhero: how the hell can u afford that? =)
have rich parents? robbed a bank? broke in at nasa? =P
Nope.. ive been waiting for HL2 :D..

Edit: thanks.. im not rich or anything.. I just tend to overuse the credit card..

Edit for the edits: IM NOT RICH DAMNIT
azmodan: Buy a Dell..simple :p payed 1300.

Ender: you rich bastard :p Get the 9800 pro
Now all i have to do is decide between alienware and dell...
You sure? when i added up the prices.. they both came in around 4,200 bucks
I wonder how nice the new Dell gaming rig is. My comp is a dell Dimension 8200. It still treats me like it did when I first got it.
maybe.. ill just decide which one has a better case... azmodan.. you there? i think hes still stunned when i posted my comp specs
better case..are you insane?? Close yur eyes, wait 3 seconds open yur eyes and go to Alienware website, click purchase and be happy :p
Actually i am insane.. dubbed by the chicago clinic of mental health..
Thats what they said.. before I stabbed them all with spoons
P4 2.53 Radeon 9700pro 1 gig DDR 400

Ender, Get the 9800pro Man!! The radoeons do better with graphic detail turned up, the FX's do better with graphic detail truned down........ what makes more sense??? I'd rather play with good graphic detail than shitty detail....
Yeah.. and ive never liked Nvidia.. they are corrupt bastards.. ATI 4 teh win
Point taken. you'd be an nVidiot to go with nVidia.
That was the most corny thing ive heard all day..