Texture artist required for mod


May 18, 2003
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Hey people,
We need a experienced texture artist to help out in Operation Everlasting Shadow. We have a damn good artist, but we got him doing too much already, lol - anyone want to help us out?
Ehm more exactly, what kinds of textures are you looking for?
Natural or urban, humans or tanks ?
Mail me please, and I can show what I have done so far when it comes to higher resolution textures.

[email protected]
cheers for response to our call, we will be requiring a whole range of textures done, for instance we need snow and generic Alaskan style textures, followed by military base signs n stuff (the wall textures and things will prolly b from hl2 itself) and god knows what else. If you wish to join the team , you must have MSN messenger so you can talk to the rest of the team!

Add me to your contacts list if you are interested

[email protected]
(my handle is [mrBadger] | This season's colour is definatly.......Black - Narcisstic Gaming's Operation Everlasting Shadow | - coder/mapper)