May 19, 2003
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I use to love playing this a few years ago but i recently started playing it again like in the past 3 days and i must say it is damn fun. Go to a 2fort map and do the sniping, gotta love it. If you do ever wanna play with me ill be in a server called " TFC #2 (Dallas). I ping like 30 since i live in austin, texas so head over there sometime if ya want. IP =
Since Quakeworld TF originally came out, I've never really quit playing Team Fortress...I still play TFC in my spare time, though the player quality and quantity isn't as high as it once was (as many people have moved on to games with better graphics). I can't wait for the next incarnation of this wonderful's always been a blast for me. I just hope they don't take too much of a twist with TF2...TFC was great in terms of gameplay, the only thing that needed a lot of work was the graphics (and the pyro).

I agree, apart from HLDM, TFC has to be one of the funnest and fastest mods out there :). The last I saw of Team Fortress 2 it looked a lot different from TFC - doesn't look like there will be any more rocket and conc jumping :( Then again that style is getting on a bit now, and some of the new features of TFC look cool, especially for the spy.
Hehe, yeah Vertigo, the pyro needs some help. I used to play him alot and I even got good at using him, but man was it alot of work;(