Tha Shizzolator


Jul 4, 2003
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Hey. I wanted to let you all see this cool site that translates any website into "shizzle" talk. Check it out! Peace out, foolz!
/me gets gun posed at neck
Half life is the best all other sites suck
Guess the website:

So, yo' ass wanted a real website?

Yeah? Too bad n' shit. There ain't any content here, so yo' ass'll has relieve yo' boredom elsewhere." Our extensive polling has indicated that:
Yo' ass're probably killing time right now, perhaps at school or at da office." Yo' ass may even has da desire use da shoutbox on da left tell da world that da unpopular fool in yo' office/class likes gay porn (or is 'jaffa packer' etc)
Yo' ass like da word dodgy, 'n are pretty certian that yo' ass're dodgy yourself."
And most likely yo' ass're pissed off that ain't providing yo' ass wit da relief yo' ass seek n' shit.
It's not izzall bad news though; izzle polls has also told us that some of yo' ass dodgy muthas are plain champs - yo' ass know who yo' ass are - we salute yo' ass! CHEERS