The Battlegrounds


May 21, 2003
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This is a Revolutionary War Mod. It is kinda in its early stages right now, but it is a lot of fun. In the next release (which will be soon) they will have many updates and new classes. Check it out at It has a great community
iv played with mod for hl1 back in the day(its been quite a while) and i believe it was after the revotuion hype(the patriot) it was agood mod with a nice slpa or realism but lacked in many areas, HL2 can only help this team and other mod teams due to its beautiful engine and mod support from valve.:cheers:
yea, BG is an awesome mod. There are like 5-10 servers, so u start to get to know the ppl that play the game.
its worht a try, i shoulda prolly try it agian , its been a while since iv played it. one thing i loved was the long powerful muskets..oh and the pistols...awsome..
yea every weapon is pretty balanced. rifles are more accurate than pistols, but the pistols reload faster.
Me and the battlegrounds team welcomes all your warm comments :D
Come say hi on irc: #battlegrounds on gamesnet :)