The Car im going to get! (maybe)

Go for Acura or Honda, chevrolet is not as good as those
I hate honda! Ill stick with chevrolet. aand you can not make me change my mind. considering I do not have a spare mind laying around.
Its ok. Not what i would choose (like i have a choice with my money)

What colour you gonna get it? Because thats all that matters when you come down to it. Forget the engine/handling etc
I wouldnt go for yellow. But thats my opinion.

Personally ii would like either a blue/black/or that weird petrol colour. You know it kind of reflects all different colours when you look at it from different angles.
I love yellow or orange, that color will make it look like import..BTW GET MANUAL !
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I hate american cars...
and i dont so big deal. I mewan I will not get a ford or dodge. Gm products only!
Dear god...why a Cavalier? You could get such a better car for the price...Eh, just my opinion. What do I know? (don't answer that)

Save your money and get a Nissan 350Z
I'd sell my soul for one right now.

You sure you have enough money to buy this sexy car ? :)
Have you not seen him brag about his good job like in 5 new threads ;)
only persons who get a Saab are 60 year old grandparents who are underbosses of the local mafia o_o
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Have you not seen him brag about his good job like in 5 new threads ;)

I only brag because other peeps brag about there jobs too.