The Last Samurai *Movie*


Jul 2, 2003
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Did anybody see the coming attractions for this movie?.It looks like one of Tom Cruises best movie and he's a Samurai what more can you ask for??????.The movie should be hitting a theater by you in December so keep your eyes open for this cool and great looking title!!!!!!.
Yea, I seen the trailer a while back. I hope it turns out to be a good movie.

Here's a link to the trailer in case any of you guys missed it... The Last Samurai
I saw the trailer and the movie is a great idea, but Tom Cruise as a samuri?? I dont know, the role just doesnt sound right. But maybe Im wrong, ill still see it though
Tom Cruise as a samurai is a very bad role. Tom Cruise is a jerk, he's dishonest, and all in all the antithesis of samurai. Except for the ego part, which tended to get samurai killed in the Meiji Era.

If you want to see a real samurai, go to and turn the sound off (the voice ruins the effect of seeing a bunny recite from Sun Tzu's The Art of War).

I am Samurai Lapin. And I am the last.