The Matrix?



im trying out for a matrix mod for HL2. If im not in then id be interested if anyone has a decent enough team to put something together. ;]

Here is an example of what I can do:
This was made in a day.

What software is that youre using? I just did a search on google and cant find it.
Anyhow cool Neo, thats a prety good polycount for that level of detail.

Is that I4d program regular modeling software or is it more of a character creator like Poser ?
thats is way to low poly for Hl2. great detail for soemthing that low poly, but you should be able to kick it up a bunch.
Erm... I don't wan to piss on anyone's parade, but basing a mod on someone else's intellectual property isn't really a key to success. It might be ok if you just want you and your friends to play it, but if you actually release a game based on the Matrix as a mod, you'll be getting some nasty emails from nasty lawyers.
naw its not based on the matrix per-say. just has the theme. you know the mod Existence? thats the mod... it has a matrix-like theme and it already released without problem.

And.. they liked my model enough to recruit me without problem for Existence 2 for HL2. ;] It was said that I have a 5000 poly budget for HL2? Is this right? If so then you are going to see a major update with my "James Leed". ;]
Existence = matrix themed

Your mod = matrix - just including the name neo and a model that looks like keanu reeves would probably cost you $1,000,000,000,000.89
lol dude.... my mod = Existence. not matrix. You're misunderstanding and at the same time supporting me. Your right, Existence is matrix-themed and thats the mod im working for. In case you havn't played Existence, they have models taht look like the characters from the matrix. Hence the reason i made Neo. The only reason why i called him Neo was because i wasn't yet on the mod team during the dev stages and i didn't want to take their name. happy? arright ;]
Oh sorry i thought you were still making your mod on your own.....existence doesnt infringe copyright so thats ok :)
God there are going to be so many Matrix MOD's. Most of them being naff no doubt. It'll get blown out of all proportion just as CS did and lets hope that doesn't make it on to the HL2 Engine because I think i'd cry. Having servers of pre-pubecent twats going 'leet0r' and 'pwn4g3' and '0wnz0r' god it irritates me.

Look at that, my first post here and i'm already ranting :p

Anyways, Hello everyone! :)
Hey Zirondi.

Existance is good, HL2 Existance will be even better no doubt.

I don't really know of any other Matrix Mod's.
I sure hope there aren't too many, tbh, cos well it would get boring, hmmmm. Dw about ranting, I used to do it all the time.... and still do on special occasions! Well I think everyone in this forum hates 1337 speakers.... :flame:
model update. This is the final update until skin. hope ya like it ;]

looks nice, but i htink 5000 polies is a little low for HL2. Morrowind had 5K poly caracters, and i htink HL2 is more like 8K or higher. our vehicle modeler for CWMP (see sig) has a limit of 10K polies for a vehicle, and i htink you cna up hte polies some.

still, looks nice! :)
that is very true. but for many reasons i may hold off until later. Model looks great as is and no more details are that necessary. Also I have a crapload of models to do - 18 to be exact plus all the npcs... plus im animator for the mod. So there are things i got to get a start on. Im happy the hl2 engine can support such detail so i know for future references. thx for your concern ;]
as i said in another post.. Just because a game can support such high tris count dosnt mean you have to hit the mark. This model in my opinion dosnt need any more polies. With a good skin this model will be bueatiful.

Correct me if im wrong but games count tris not polies. so this model would have alot of tris. so if your refering to hl2's limit of 8k is that tris count or what ??
most egines that i know of count in polies.....

but my only crit for the existing model would be the joint where his finger is....
Really cool but IMHO Neo looks a little "sad" (just at the top of the glasses). But maybe you will correct it with the facial animations system ;)
the skin will fix that as well ;] remember its low poly so shading will have its limits
/me give's neo LSD..
soo that makes him happy
lol @ evil

You should give him the long coat, it will make him look much better
yeah loving that mate, Try make the mod as it'll be amazing but I want something single player, with really good bullet time dodge skills and gun fights (**** kung fu).
Multi-player and Matrix dont go, we need single player third person action.
Think max payne: Kung fu edition but you'd be able todo more with the Half-life engine and a good coder :)
nice contradiction.....
Originally posted by howser
in my experience its best to build a mod around you're own concept world, why do D&D when you could make your own thing up with simlar gameplay but better themes to suit the engine and stuff?!

/me claps as howser contridicts himself

In the Words of Mr T- ' Shut up fool!'
lol yeah just realised that hehehe
what i ment to say was focus much more on gun play then spliting his legs
keep the long coat off i think neo looks at his best atm.
I'f you add you add a long coat do another model the same as the new matrix dress code from Reloaded :cool:
Originally posted by SidewinderX143
looks nice, but i htink 5000 polies is a little low for HL2. Morrowind had 5K poly caracters, and i htink HL2 is more like 8K or higher. our vehicle modeler for CWMP (see sig) has a limit of 10K polies for a vehicle, and i htink you cna up hte polies some.

still, looks nice! :)

Wrong, morrowind counts in Triangles and not polygons, so be carefull mate or you might be overdoing things. Very nice model by the way great work

5000 traignles = 2500 Polygons

5000 Polygons = 10 000 Triangles meaning good luck on running the game with something less than 1.6Ghz and a monster 3d card, think about 15, 10 000 triangle characters + 6000 triangle weapon, + 15 more 3000 triangle weapons, + enviorment rendering, + props + static meshes + vehicles

then we end up at alot of polygons, would **** anyone up in a heartbeat. Keep your polys at 5000 max
Polygons can 3, 4, 5, 6, or more sides. Some games use polys with more tha 3 sides, but triangles are a bit more common. The problem of using polys with 4 sides is having co-planar polys. In most engines a poly with its points aligned on more than one plane will have display errors. This isnt a problem when the model dosent distort at all, but for modern FPS games with animated characters, alot of youre polys will be moving. Its usualy just a lot better to build in triangles only to avoid those problems.

When I count polys on My models I'm ALWAYS refering to triangles. I abandoned squares pentagons hexagons and such way back in the Flight Sim Toolkit days.

I'm also keeping My models a bit lower in polycount than some people, not because I dont think the engne can handle high res models, but because I want more models on screen at once. It all adds up.