The Official Second HL2 Mod



Before anyone says ANYTHING, this IS the second HL2 mod officially, we announced to the public our final move to the HL2 engine the morning after The Last Great War announced their HL2 modliness. We currently need a host for a website and we're hosting our leftover website from PMOH(we never got a UT2k3 site up, no one would take us in, and now no one wants to host HL2 mods) at

Backstory: Spade is a SP/MP mod that's been through a variety of engines. We started out on HL, an evolved form of Commandos FPS and Soldat, both WWII mods focusing on various things(the mods didn't merge, it just...evolved into another mod) and Spade being the product, but the HL community wasn't to kind to us, no one applied for a job. We then moved on to the MOHAAS engine, but due to lack of SDK it just couldn't happen. We almost moved on to Doom 3, but with the system requirements we quickly turned tail to UT2k3. The community wasn't to kind to us there either, we couldn't even get someone reply to our hosting requests, let alone get the actual hosting. So, now a roundabout end, we're staying with HL2, there only thing wrong is model clipping and the fact that there are no weapon shadows, two of the original's problems that damn well better be fixed or mods will suffer. Multiplayer is a variety of fun crap. The earlier versions willl be class-based mission maps, but once we get settled and the code written, we'll have a character creation menu and lots of better MP modes. One of which, Capture the Base, is one I'm really looking forward to playing myself.

SP revolves around an Anglo-American Commando/Infantry unit called Spade Company. It follows their creation from special members of US Infantry and special members of UK Special Operation units(SAS, LDRG, etc.) shortly before Operation Torch, to their days in the end of the European War. But who knows, they may serve a couple of weeks in the Pacific...hrm.....
Player Modelers capable of the 5000 poly limit and bump mapping
Weapon Modelers capable of very high polys(we can guess the size of the poly limit) and bump mapping
Music ... ... Person with talent

If you want to apply e-mail me at [email protected]

Comment Time:
When did LGW announce that they were going to be for HL2? I announced my mod on April 23rd (publicly) -- even check and my mods' site

The reason why I have yet to announce it on this site and others such as City 17 is that we are changing our name and also getting a new host (with hopefully).

I guess for anyone that reads this topic will have a little sneak peek at our mod...
You're officially the third then, I moved the day before, and LGW the day before that:eek:
Jesus ben, you're everywhere. You're almost as bad as me. D:
Well, we did determine a few days earlier that we were going to be for HL2, but I think announced it publicly first. Not sure which would count really...

Anyways, ben I sent you a PM before I saw this thread (just to let you know).

We annouced Operation Everlasting Shadow on 5th April
BEET YA ! (unfortuantly i cant prove it, unless u check out all the forums ive been in :p) :afro:
Well, officially announce means you have a website and team members(or are recruiting), it's one of the prerequisites:borg:
*EDIT*Did we even know about HL2 on the 5th?
o, lol we havnt got a site yet , bugga

well we did kno bout hl, cos pcgamer did a big exclusive on april 6th and i had seen it b4 then. we dont have a site now due 2 our webmaster being attacked by exams !
hehe, I know what it's like to have a busy webmaster, mine got into a car accident around Christmas and I didn't hear a word from him until his resignation two months later. He's alright though.

Anyone have any comments on the mod?
Originally posted by 2ltben
Well, officially announce means you have a website and team members(or are recruiting), it's one of the prerequisites:borg:
*EDIT*Did we even know about HL2 on the 5th?

Yep, when I announced, we did already have a team and website.
like ur mod 2ltbeta! Its cool

What do u guys think of mine, hed ova 2 my coffee-inspired REAL MOD thread , read the stuff ive said and comment on my MOD!!!
This is my thread, make your own!
Also, I'm reworking the singleplayer architecture for HL2, so you'll basically have everything connected by maps. For example,

After you break British prisoners out of a desert prison camp(a holding area until the prisoners can be moved to Europe), you'll have to ride a truck back to a field base for SAS and LDRG in the area of Naama, Algeria, meaning you'll have to ride out the truck trip, but it won't be just sitting in the back a la WWII Online. The men in the truck(only a couple of men will get in their through a script, the rest will differ for each time you play it) will chat among eachother, and you'll also be able to talk to them through an Unreal 2-like chat interface. It gives you a moment of rest between the combat, enjoy the peace while you can.
Sorry, but I think you are a retard. What the hell does it matter when you announced your mod? Nobody really gives a f*ck, and I doubt your mod will be the second to be released. Your mod is NOT official. Ask valve.
Did I say it mattered? No. It doesn't. Did I say the mod was official? No. I didn't. I said it was officially ANNOUNCED.

Crying for help so soon? Munro! Get yer arse in here :)
/me slaps Onions
Onions - Why'd ya have t' go and be so mean? :(

2ltben - I like your ideas, especially the 'truck-ride' one! :)
Justice hath been served:flame:
Thanks, I actually came upon the truck ride idea when I was boxed into a corner on how to try to keep the action sort of going without stopping for an FMV, I'm trying to cut down on as little as them as I can:cool:
I don't get it? Can someone justify the need or importance of being the first, second, third, etc mod announced? Who the hell cares? I'd be willing to bet most of the "announced" mods won't ever see the light of day.
There is no real importance, it's just something we'll debate about to pass time until HL2:afro:
What can you do for us? If you can draw(which I think you can but then again, it's me:cheese: ) we could use you as a concept artist for the SP characters(except for a couple, I'm putting my own family members in who look like the people in the reference pictures I'm using). Send one of those electricalalal mails out to meh:cool: