The second most addictive game of all time...


May 17, 2003
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Gabe said in one of his replies that he worked on Solitaire for windows. If this is true (he may be joking, but he did work for micro$oft)

I hope it is true, it explains why he was able to make HL such an addictive game!
I don't he was joking, but then again, what do I know. Find a Solitaire about thing, lol. Yes, Solitaire kept me busy for some weeks, lol.
I think making games like HL are pennance for all the lives he destroyed with Solitaire. Think of all the time people have wasted on that thing!
Think of all the poor employees at companies facing consequences for playing those games :(. Poor unemployed souls.
Ha! The security personel at university had PCs and the only thing I ever saw on thier screens was Solitaire.

I searched the internet but I couldn't find any reference to Gabe and Solitaire.

I wonder if Gabe had anything to do with minesweeper....
...............What were guys talking about? .......... I missed it I was playing Solitare............
This is an OFF TOPIC.. This forum is Half-Life 2 related only.. Not that Gabe worked for Microsoft, or that Erik Johnsons daughter should be called 'lil Gabey ...

HL2 ! AND What i have seen is that there is nothing to talk about in this forums until new info is comming out..

Just one thread ( maybe two ) is access able..

The Valve e-mail thread and the discussion thread for the e-mail thread..