This is how we play HLDM in Holland

that.....was awesome....whoever the shooter was is a ****ing god
it is my clanm8 P-Nut
well ok ex-clanm8, but he will return to our clan for HL2
so you better watch out :)
yeah like anyone actually cares..... please don't turn this into a Sun-Tzu style thread :(
righte0us, u havent seen this guy, he would ****ing own u, and anyone on this board.
i`m better then you bla bla bla NOOO i`m way better then you bla bla bla
always the same shit :)

just enjoy the game peeps who care who`s better?
it`s just a game !:cool:


nice avi eh ? :)

my other clanm8 is into avi`s to
maybe u heard of `m : Banzai ?

if u like i spamm some avi links :cheese:
you know, maybe I could find some of my old .dems maybe I'll work on my own ego-movie :E
I'm better than you all.... I will own you.... etc... the fact I don't actually play HLDM has nothing to do with it
lol.. this is nothing.. have you ever seen Renkie play?