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Private Snafu

May 28, 2003
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In the 1970's, the Goverment turned this decomisioned missile facility into the largest man-made subterranian structure in the world. It has two hundred miles of track and it's lowest part is 1000 feet deep. Black Mesa Research Facility, on Modern Marvels.
Huh .. which history channel are you watching? My listings show some sort of "Sex in the 20th century" marathon throghout the whole night .. :dozey:
Originally posted by nietzsche
There is quite a broad group of people here, from a lot of countries. Could you englighten us on what "Modern Marvels" is?

It's a series of 1-hr documentaries about famous/interesting things and places.
I think Modern Marvels is either on History channel or TechTV, I'm not sure.

/me shrugs
Snafu, we dont all live in your neigborhood, a little more details
Modern Marvels is on the Hist Channel and they are showing Modern Marvels in about 30min, but it's about the Brooklyn Bridge.
Yeah it's History Channel. But it's not related to Discovery, despite many similarities.

P.S. Best show on History Channel = Trinity and Beyond
Modern Marvels is an hour long show on the History Channel. They talk about... Modern Marvels. Basically it's modern technology or structures and their history. For example they might talk about knives, or the Internet, or Pyramids, or Television, etc.
It was some sort of joke. Sorry, i forget that there are a lot of non-yanks on this board. :p