Total Noob..!



hi fellas im totaly new to this moding thing ive just downloaded Gmax and am in the prosses of getting SXi as i type this :)

any tips as how i should start from scratch/no experience.
All im aiming for is weapon models to be honest :)

Cheers in advance :
Trying to use that XSI i also have Gmax But it wont give me the Email code to use the bloody software.?
so you are bound to XSI. well. I dont really like gmax.. so the loss isnt big IMO.
This is a real head ache..Bloody hell , i mean dont get me wrong i knew this was going to be a tuff climb (learning curve) but good god. Its a bich.
yup.. but you have to push yourself trough that barrier.. c'mon.. its worth it! once you did that everything goes slowly much easier
going to give it a good go m8 theres no question.:) (GRITTING TEETH)..GGrrrrrr.
Just could do with some realy Noob tutorials on XSI..
Try 3d Buzz

They have excellent tutorials on Max, Maya and XSI. Best tutorial site I've ever seen.