trouble with videos


May 15, 2003
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i have all 9 videos and i cant watch em. ive tried all my media players and done of em can take the media type the movies are. anybody know what to use. ive used quicktime, windows media player, and real player. i think i need to use quicktime cus the file extension is .qt . well id really like to know cus i gotta see these vid's.
yeah i got quicktime 6. is there another one i need? oh yeah 1 thing. when i look at the file in the folder at the end theres a _qt. but when i try to view it it says cant view "" is it a zip file or something. i dont know whats wrong someone help!!!
yeah, you have to use WinZip to unzip it first. the file is compressed right now. when you unzip it, it will decompress and become a regular video file.

the file extension tells you what it is... if it ends in .zip then you have to unzip it.