Valve Q&A Thread?


Jul 5, 2003
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This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for about a month now. Most recently, I have been refreshing the Valve Q&A thread every opportunity I get.

I'm just curious why it was locked? I understand that someone took the time and compiled most of it into a FAQ, but I seriously doubt that FAQ will be updated at the same rate that thread was. That forum thread was linked on many HL2 and other gaming sites, so all it did was generate exposure and interest in your site.

I guess I don't understand the administrator's/mod's reasoning here. Can someone fill me in?
Hi brando,

the "Info from Valve ONLY (no discussion)"-thread purpose is to contain answered emails or chatlogs from dialogs with the valve staff, but too many smart ppl didn't care about this and just posted discussions and unanswered questions, what is ok in other threads but destructive in this one. Munro locked it so no one can mess it up, but when someone gets new info he can just add it to the faq by sending the new stuff to munro, meaning the faq is locked but not "dead". So keep refreshing it, there can come new info any time...
It's not the same thing :(

Before we'd have had nwe info every 5 minutes, literally.

Now its kinda.... dead.

And munro, no offence, but if the update rate of this therad will be the same as teh frontpage news, then...
Then we won't know anything until Sept 30th. :p
That was my point exactly.

It's certainly not my intention to stir things up, I just really don't understand the reasoning behind your decision.

You create a FAQ that is a conglomerate of all the information in that thread.

Isn't that more work that deleting 3 dumb replies here and there? Why was the thread created in the first place? Why didn't you just ask for "any replies you have gotten back from Valve, please email to us so we can put them in one document"? Why did you decide to lock it when you did? Are you recieving the same information as fast as that thread was being replied to? If so, where is this information going?

Also, I haven't seen the new FAQ updated once yet? Did I not look close enough?

As MoD mentioned, we were seeing new information in as less as five minutes. And it was mostly all fresh, new, info. How do people that were waiting on responses to thier emails post that new information now? Are they supposed to know they have to send an email to you and hope it gets into your FAQ? If it was me, I would (now) either post it elsewhere (another site with less frequent closures, deletions, and locks) or make a new thread and hope it wasn't sucked up into the FAQ and deleted.

Maybe, if this new FAQ is to be updated, and if you are still recieving information, you could make a new sticky re: FAQ everytime it is updated. Again, this all seems like too much work just to avoid cleaning up ONE thread. But to each his own.
I sent Munro a pm, because what he did to my thread was completely uncalled for. I organzied and ordered and edited all the messy shit in the offical valve info thread, and made a nice neat thread, and some jerk offs flamed it. So he locked it. It would have been more professional of him to delete the posts, and sticky the thread and then lock it.
How many threads have you destroyed Guinny. Bich when it happens back to you isnt it.

I rest my Case...
How about makin' another valve info thread where people can just post info they get, and if it becomes filled with useless talking, just ignore it because the real Q& A from it can be put into the official sticky.
Gooch, I haven't "destroyed" any threads you mellowdramatic dumbass. It's a FORUM. I've only added positive/humerous posts to a thread, never have I flamed without being flamed first.
guinny, i like you. Dont ask me why but i do. But gooch is right you have spammed threads into the nether world. Not just you. There have been others involved. I admit i took part in one case. But gooch really is right.
Its Probley your "positive/humerous posts " thats buggered them up then..!
I'm sorry then. Shit I thought I apologized for that a long time ago, can't you get over the grudge and move on? The threads that happened on are long gone anyway.:) After all, I'd really like to like you GOoch. And Farrowlesparrow, I love you man. :)
It's dried up because at first it was collecting a months worth of material that came out at a slow pace and was floating around since then, all in one day. Also because it's currently a holiday weekend, and the Valve guys answer less. Also because most of the things they are willing to talk about have been asked and answered already.