We are up and running!

These forums look awesome along with the site.

Nice job, indeed.
i like the site now you guys just need publicity and perhaps some official hl2.net mods
Its been a while, i thought i would never see a Half Life 2 after all the Counter Strike hype. I actually forgot about Half Life, after trying to play Blue Shift, and CounterStrike. I Didnt play CS alot though, I play Raven-Shield now. Antisipating the arrival of HL2 like zillions of others.
YAY!!!! it makes me realize im not Dreaming any more!! :thumbs:
lol, did they announce CS2? Or is that justa wish as of now.
I saw a screenshot of the Counter Strike booth, so I'm assuming that they are actually having info on it.
i think the forum needs a little more orange on it, the site is nice how it is, but just cause this is a forum, it needs orange.. thats my theory
Is this a layout that you can download, or did you make it all outta nothing.. Either way i think its awesome..
Love the site, and the forum... but...

I want my sig to work :flame:
yes me too, is there a reason why we cannot have signatures? you have image available for posting attachments, why not sigs.
i have to much time on my hands, i need to go get a job.... NOOOOOO what am i saying, i need to await the arrival of HL2, beat it on easy,then beat it on medium, then beat it on Hard!! and then think about gettin a job.
just make a mod and pray that valve sponsors it. :D
Yeah this site is worthy of a game that will hopefully pwn!
To get your sig. to work try to use the old phpbb code for it
img] (note there isn't a space between any of the text and the brackets at all)  try to use that one.
Hehe, nice smileys on this forum :afro:

Your jpeg large images don't work

can't wait for HL2