May 29, 2003
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I want to make a website, I just dont know what it should be though. I am expirienced, and I can set time aside to update and work on the site. I know HTML and some PHP, I have a few problems though, I cant pay for a host, and all the free ones suck ass. And i dont know what the site should be on, i have great ideas for layouts and stuff, but I dont know what i should make it on. I like playing PC games, like Counter-Strike, BF1942, etc... I dont really want to make ANOTHER CS site, there are soooo many out there. Please help me, either with giving me good *free* hosting(I can get a .com adress, but i dont wanna pay for hosting) and/or ideas!
If you need PHP I'm your guy... You know that already, just wait till June 20th and I'll help you out...
I always used 2 use angelfire for my hosting coz of the features + stuff, but the ads are so bloody annoying. But now I use coz there are no ads at all!
zranx is following me arround the net! AHHHHHHHHHh
brinkster - No CGI, MySQL, FTP........
Ideas are probably one of (if not the hardest) parts of starting out a new website. Right now the best I can come up with is a fansite for some game (HL2 perhaps...). Although that is very unoriginal.

If I can think of something better I tell you.
there are a few good games coming out soon, you're almost spolit for choice .... depends wot type of game you like i s'pose