Well after 5 1/2 hours of paint balling


May 20, 2003
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I paintablled last weekend :) and after 5 /12 hours of paintballing I have come to realise that shooting at canoers on the river is more fun than fighting other people with paintball guns!

So what did you guys do last weekend?
I was trying to find out who the hell was shooting at me with a paintball gun while I was canoeing..........
We have a paint ball cours set up down by a river :)
There is a two forts and a bunker. We usally send a team to one of the forts and the other team has to assualt it. Our guns are set at 400 ft per second and when you get inside the fort you usally end up shooting at each other at 2 ft. so bruses galor! We had 9 rounds and I was only killed twice. :) I had 3 kills the 1st round. I died the 2nd and 3rd. I had 5 kills the 4th. 4 kills the 5th. 3 kills 6th. 8 kills the 7th. 3 kills the 8th and 5 kills the 9th. All in all a very good kill score!
I have some pics but I havnt uploaded them yet.
I'd feel very battered after so many hours of paintball.

At least I felt very battered last time when we played "arena" paintball for two hours.
Would be funny if someone actually fell out of the conoe during the shooting :LOL:
I wish I could go out an do some paintballing, it would so rock, just like me :D
the paintballing around my area... is run by Ex- SAS commandos...

Its so fun :cheese:

/me goes off on urge to play paintball....
Originally posted by Stone
the paintballing around my area... is run by Ex- SAS commandos...

Its so fun :cheese:

/stone goes off on urge to play paintball....

Cool. We have severial ARMY and MARINE service men that paintball with us. The time before last a Major in the MARINES played against us. Man it was a blast! My older bro is a MARINE and is over in Iraq. He said that when he gets back the hole platoon is supposed to come up and play against us. :)
I am totally addicted to paintballing... 5 1/2 hours is nothing! Last Sunday we played for 7 hours (11am - 6pm :D ). That was great... tiring though.

The whole Army Cadet Force is going paintballing soon, that'll be fun... heh heh.

Me and some friends are planning on starting a team... we're all good at speedball, we just lack the money for decent markers. I'm the only one whose got one and its an Inferno T3... not exactly a tourney marker :p
The paintballing closest to me is run by some weird pervert who looks at all the women when they put the overalls on. Its indoor and aobut 100ft square. Suffice to say i only went there once.

Paintballing is so fun. I love it. We had a whole weekend doing it once. It was amazing, the fact that half the people going had to take our 2nd, 3rd and possibly even 4th mortgages to afford it didnt matter. It was so fun. Surprisingly i didnt feel that bad after either. I was relatively unbrusied.

Im just curious but (this is to people who have been) did you at any point call the areas "maps"? Because sometimes i did. I even refeared to parts of it as the spawn and stuff like that. Eventually i gave up trying not to and just used those names.
:LOL: I did that by accident a few times. In a few games I ended up yelling to my shot-out teammates "Get to the respawn point!" and none of them know what I'm on about. :p (they don't play games)

I always end up bruised and battered after paintballing, I should learn to dodge better... doesn't put me off though.
yer i know what you mean...
take for today for instance, i was sat having conversation with someone i don't like and i found myself thinking "/ m e kicks annoying person to death ".........

I sumorise that i need to get out more ;(
My friend said LOL once. I couldnt stop laughing for about half an hour.

Some words though are starting to spread outside of the internet because of the popularity of things like MSN.
i can imagine the goverment starts giving out bits of card with emoticons on next.... :p

...and yes i've said LOL once tooo ;(

......I really, really, really, really need to get out more ;(
Ive been going out quite a lot recently. Not sure if you noticed but the past few days i havent been online posting as much. This is because a new skatepark is in the process of being built aobut 3 miles from my house (Before that the closest one was 15 miles), so now i can walk there without having to come home again because it takes so much time. The problem is though, that because it isnt finished, its got holes and stuff in it and some guy yesterday cracked his pelvis, a little kid cracked open his head and someone broke their arm (yes....all in one day). Its an out door one made of concrete so it hurts quite a bit when you fall over.

I've said "lol" before... it was scary, I didn't even realise I'd said it until my friend asked what it meant (my friends don't go online much either :p).

Have any of you guys reached out to quicksave in real life? That happened to me once... very disturbing...
When you say reached out.....What do you mean?
Ive though about how cool it would be if you could quicksave but Ive never tried to do it, accidentally or otherwise.
Hahahah quicksaving, ive tried quicksaving on internet games before, not in real life tho. imagine some guy before gettin in a car, reachin out his hand to where his quicksave button would be. i would laugh at him. Hahahah quicksaving, thats a good one.
Ive talked in linux commands before. (after a hard night of coding) I have tried to quicksave on internet games before.
Originally posted by Farrowlesparrow
When you say reached out.....What do you mean?
Ive though about how cool it would be if you could quicksave but Ive never tried to do it, accidentally or otherwise.

I meant that you reach out to press the F6 button or whatever, but it's real life. :p

Yeah, quite a few time's I've wished I could quicksave, like before big tests and before Air Experience Flight in cadets, so I could just load up and go again. :p
heheh, the closest to that sort of thing i have got is a friend saying lol. Oh and another says rofles but he pronounces it roofles. lmao. It does it without careing at all now, its hillarius

Oh and can you guys tell me some internet sites where i can buy a decent paintball gun, cos i really want to get into it. :)

Under "Techroom" there's a link called "markers", that'll give you a list of markers in a certain price range.

I wouldn't buy a marker without trying it first though, if there's a paintball shop near you pop along and see how each marker feels. If there's a walkon day near you go and ask some people there if you can have a go on their markers, I'm sure they won't mind showing off their toy :p .

I haven't bought any paintball stuff online, but www.paintballwarehouse.com seems quite good.