Well its time to kill the baby monster thingy at the end of half life 1 with the crow

When ever given the chance, sleep!
Or jack of.
Or think about how big the universe is (not to much, you might get mad).
Or think about the meaning of life (because you never ever get to an answer, and if you do, please tell ous).
Sorry LBA
Im just a hic from the south that does not really care how I spell. Where im from its how well you shoot a rifle.
Really? COol, so are you the guy that got his trailer blown up by Nietzsche? .. that was a personal joke you're probably not privy to, but it was funny.

In any case poultry is something every hick should know how to spell, like spit cup, or incest, or pork rinds.

By the way do you have running water? I used to be a hick, with no running water. So I'll put my hickness against anybody's on any given Sunday.
No running water? In france they dont have real toilets. They just make a hole in the floor. Well at least at all the tourist places they do.

mmm Pork rind, tasty.

Incest is ok, all the royal families used to do it! If its good enough for them its good enough for me!

A.A. I believe the answer to everything is 42. The meaning of life however, well thats what you're just gonna have to find out. The univerese is indeed a big place. But is it really kept inside a small sack and our galaxy is just a marble? Find out next week on "Too infinity, and beyond!"
I do not live in a trailer! I live in a log cabin. I hunt and fish but I do not raise or take care of chickens! I do take care of cows and pigs. When I am at work I take care of computers that some morons tried to fix thenselfs! And I really dont give a flip about how I spell!

As for porkrinds they are very nice! homemade are the best!
Incest and the common and uncommon hic have very little to do with each other! So far in all my years I have never heard or seen of anyone that has been involved in incest. If you must talk about incest please look at Vermont!