What about cs????



what's going to happen to cs?? if they don't include an upgrade from hl - hl2, not everyone will buy hl2 and thus, less people playing the same game. Or will cs even run on the hl2 engine? if a similar post has been made elsewhere, please advise me and don't nag me for making a redundant post. but i would definately like to know what's going to happen to cs, thanks :monkee:
I'm think that the current CS will probably not work with HL2 CS (if there is such)
God I hate CS. With any luck they'll ditch the boring old MOD and let other new mods have a chance of the Limelight. CS is old, gets boring and is filled with pre-pubecent twats who simply go "STFU, n00b, l337, pwn@g3, 0wnz0r" and other incoherant bollocks during the equally crap rounds.

Let CS rest, bring out some new mods, give us some different types of gameplay instead of defuse the stupidly unrealistic bomb and avoid getting vaigly injured by an equally unrealistic grenade being dropped at your little tootsie wootsies.
CS2 will more than likely be a boxed product you will have to buy in the shops...