What happened to the hl1 mobs?


May 17, 2003
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Didnt see any of the rescent monsters in Half-life in the rescent videos. All i have seen is the headcrab. Anyone know if they will add any of the hl1 monsters like the garg, tenticle etc? Maybe i just wasnt paying close attention.
there is that zombie...... and that cute crab and ....amm.....amm.....all we seen is the movie how can we judge by it?
Well they been talking a lot about the game. I heard nothing about the past mobs tho. They probably will add them but im guessing not all of them. I hope they dont scrap the garg.
According to the Gamespy Preview : Page 3, there will be at least Headcrabs, Zombies and Bullsquids returning from HL1. I do hope they don't forgot the Alien Slave!
I hated bullsquids :dozey:. Alien slaves were cool and a lot of other things. I hated those Hornet guys too. Everything else was cool tho.
The one-eyed dog-like things were irritating. Not dangerous, not difficult to kill, just a nuisance. None of the fear factor of a headcrab jumping out of a dark corner.
Yeah, they're back. Headcrabs, headcrab zombies, bullsquids, all in. Houndeyes are gone though.
Houdeyes were cool lol. I wanna see a garg vs a strider in this game. Maybe ill map and put them in an arena them see who wins.
Oh yeah!

Can't wait to see SvenCoop developed on this engine! Providing they do, which I hope they will!
The svencoop team said that they aint really sure if they will be making a co-op mod for Half-Life :x. Sooner or later i can almost guarentee if hl2 doesnt have built in co-op then there will be a co-op mod sooner or later...
I hope it will have Bullsquid's in it, my favorite creature in HL ;)
The zombies ARE HL, if Valve would have taken the zombies away, it wouldnt be half-life ;)
Yeah zombies and headcrabs are basically the main mobs of the game.
The question is: if these are a totally new alien race, what are the Xen aliens doing running around?
Maybe something got messed up again and theres this new alien race and the xen monsters are around again too.
Maybe alot of em surivived from black mesa.. Or maybe the G-man called on them to take out the Combine.... But he ****ed it up
Wasnt there rumors that the xen monsters are mostly allies?
In the number 6 video the only aliens i see is at the end in the spaceship and barney is shooting at it.
nooo that video when Gordon have some sort of "balls" that he can throw.. I think those Aliens are fro Xen.. :cheese:
Originally posted by dagz
Maybe there grown snarks :cheese:

Hahaha, nice one.

I wonder if there will be any more new Zombie evoloutions?
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I wonder if there will be any more new Zombie evoloutions?

There will be a lot of suprises so maybe.
They showed the water creatures in the engine video so why the hell not :cool:
I forget where, but I heard that the Xenian slaves will be back. I believe I saw it in one of the magazine previews, but I dunno... I'm too lazy to go back and find it. XD
that blue thing thats comes out behind that combine soldier seems to be the HL2 version of the tentacle!