Whats Colledge like ?


May 17, 2003
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Well, i'm coming close to finnishing my exams and then hopping to colledge in Sept, I was wondering whats it like compared with school ?

Oh and a few questions:

1. Ive chose to do a computing course, will I only do computers at colledge ?

2. urm

3. thats about it

i'm worrying like hell:eek:
Before going there I suggest you spell it right:


A lot more laid back, the emphasis being more on you getting the work done and less on your teachers forcing you to.

If it's anything like my course (BTEC ND Computing 2nd year), you'll mainly be working on computers. The only real exceptions being some theory lessons and key skills.
ok...College...ok now I know how to spell it.

Zerimski: Thanks, i'm not worrying as much now :D, yeah i'm doing BTEC, and going to Tresham Colledge in Wellingborough...anybody else ? no ? damn.

Anyway...what qualification did you get out of it ? and what job did it enable you to get ? :D...sorry i'm invading your personal life, hehe
Which country do you live in? I'm from England, I am currently spending a year in California. I can say that you do a lot more computer classes in England. In the US you have to take gen eds (general education requirments, wrintnig math science sociology religoes stdies etc.)

In England they assume you can do all that by the time you leave school and let you take all computer classes. You also don't take a minor sbject (just a major) although you take take to subjects (double major, or dual degree)

Anyway you'll lkike college. Lots oof drinkning playing LAN games and procrastinating about work
If you don't even know what kind of classes your taking and you can't even spell College you really need to get your shit together over the summer, otherwise your going to be wasting good money.
You spelled college wrong again! Also that guy said he was in his 2nd year, and your asking him what kind of job he got out of it, I really hope you have to take a reading or english comp class.
Right, keep it civilised.

"Colledge" is a common misspelling. And it's a simple case of misreading.
man... if that's the case i wanna go to england for college, skip all this crap they make us do in the US :D
Yeah go to college in England. You can drink legally from day 1, get a degree in three years and as a bonus, tuition and housing are less than half the price (but your American colleges have better facilities)
College kicks ass, I'm going next year. Altho I'm 16, so I won't have 2 pay + drinking won't b legal from day 1, but I'll probly do it anyway.
:/ Are you lot on about College as in post-GCSE or referring to a University?
no, they are referring to university ie. post A-levels or post highschool damn confusiong terminology