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Jun 23, 2003
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9800 pro 128mb is what i have now. but those new series coming out next year that are "twice the speed", is that really going to be necissary?
also, what difference will there be between todays top, and next years?
No bloody clue m8. acctualy if thats right about the speed difference, Im glad im getting my new PC next year Buying the fastest money can buy.:)
move this thread to hardware please...

note aside I'm planning to buy my 3d Card when the big graphics card war is over :)
Wait. When will this one be coming out next year? Because im planning on getting an ATI card in a few months, but if there is one thats twice as good coming out next year i might wait.
I cant even afford a 9800 so i wouldnt be able to get the other one
Well... Valve did state that HL2 will take advantage of 512mb video cards if they ever come out.
An interview said that HL2 would run at 70fps using a 2gb processor and a Geforce 4 which is what I have so if it's true I have no need to update for a while.
I think we should stop talking in this thread. Otherwise it will turn into another "1337 m4ach1n3 th47 pwn3s j00!" Thread